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Can we please have a better death recap?


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Hi, for a while now it's been really bugging me how the death recap in pvp shows next to no information about what actually killed us, it will show up with pictures of the abilities used and the damage they did, that's great and all. But, could we possibly get some more info? 


For example if I die to ranger longbow 2, I'd love to see who it was who shot me and what conditions it inflicted and a breakdown of what that ability does just so in future myself or my  teammates don't have to wiki search each ability and find out what conditions they do/how the ability works and if it also showed who used the ability it'd be easier to prioritize the most dangerous enemy on their team.


I don't know if this sounds dumb, but overall. Some more info on the screen would be nicer to have and it wouldn't make pvp a guessing game of what class killed me and what with.


Thanks for reading 🙂

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