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What is "Match Manipulation" report?


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 Can some1or a GM explain me what this "Match Manipulation" report? And how often anet gms checking reports? I am keep gettin some wierd players who stay afk in the start area and they still playing this content? Also why anet keep throwin me into same teams with players who i already reported many times? Am ı being punished bcoz of i report them?

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unless multiple ppl get the guy on camera and send a ticket with it i don't think report does something, not this report, like gamer words in chat will most likely get you banned but not match manipulation or botting.

I think you need something like a 1000 reports in a season to get banned, or make a big drama about it.


I know 1 troll player that got banned, he would q up in unranked just to afk, and it still took like 3 month for him to get banned


The other one was a bot with 2.5k matches in a season that managed to top 100 leaderboards, the SS were all over reddit and this forums and he got banned before next season started. But all other bots playing 2k matches but were silver tier kept going for over an year after that.

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It's a placebo button used to compare and control the even more important things in-game; like someone cussing. Coz that's a no-no! But when ppl blatantly manipulate, afk and just absolutely WASTE your time and punish you with negative points, anet doesn't care. Using bad words a big priority. Cheating, wasting other gamers' time, and perception of game mode = not important. 

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