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Question about Holo and open world junk...HP's, Big bad dudes, stupid hydras, that kind of thing.


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Ok, so looking on Metabattle and they have a list of solo classes\builds for like "open World" junk, Hp's, Metas, Bountys, that sort of thing and they dont have Engi listed at all. Of course Condi Ren and Scourge are there along with Condi Mirage and PChrono, of which I have.

Now is that because Holo is a tad squishy? I mean you see them on almost every raid fight on Gw2 Wingman but is that because they have heals and such in a group setting and can therefore just go ham?

Or.....is it an oversight by the Metabattle folks? I ran around the Desert and the Jungle on both Chrono\Mirage, and yea, they strong, and also did the same with Holo and yea, he was a bit soft at times but overall didnt feel too bad. 

So what I am I missing? And more to the point what is my point? Just curious is all, trying to get a feel for one of them before EoD and Virtuoso seems to be shaping up ok (watched some Tipcat vids) so that may be where I am headed but cant rule out having a Jolly Green Giant alongside me either. 😉

Anyways, if anyone has experience running around on Holo let me know your feel for it, would love to know!  Cheers.  😉

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Holo is great in open world, it's just a little harder to play than scourge/rev/mirage and deals less damage. 


I wouldn't say Holo is squishy, you can have permanent protection pretty easy with some diviners gear, as well as perma regen.  You also can trait for 15% extra damage reduction in holo mode without losing too much damage. 

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Engineer is not listed at all? That seems a bit odd.

I know Scrapper, even when running pure Berserker gear now has a decent amount if sustain thanks to some trait reworks and the constaint barrier for simply attacking, which would support an aggressive playstyle. Couple that with the amount of mobs some events have in open PvE and you can easily max out barrier while in-combat.

Holo should have no trouble either thanks to the traits and armor swaps @Stx.4857 mentioned. If you want a little more protection, using shield in off-hand also helps.

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Holo is fantastic in open world content. You've got a build for everything. 

Want to Solo difficult content like HPs and bounties? Prot Holo

Want to blow up open world mobs and turn your brain off? Elixir Holo

Notice people around you struggling and want to help them out? Run Prot Holo with Cele or Harrier gear, continue to do good damage, and heal on the side. Just make sure you run Medical Dispersion field, then everyone around you benefits from Heat Therapy and Compounding Chemicals. (This build actually heals for a lot)

Tired of playing power builds and want to mix in some condi? Run Pistol/Pistol instead and churn out some burning. 

Want easy tagging in meta trains? You've got a build for that too. 

It's not as rediculous as some other classes like Scourge and Renegade, but engi's defining trait was never being the best at any one thing, it's its versatility. 


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