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Serious question about Mechanist.

Serious question about Mechanist (poll)  

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  1. 1. Would you guys call Mechanist a AI assissted player or Player assissted AI? xD

    • AI assissted player
    • Player assissted AI

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Been playing this spec a lot. There's a lot of maintenance that goes on with the Mech. If you don't micro manage it, it's going to get stuck somewhere you don't want it and force you to burn shift signet just to bring it back. If you don't cleanse soft CCs off of it, it's going to struggle to hit anything, If it still gets lost despite your best efforts (and it will) you're SOL because the Mech has your only other stunbreak. Can't afford not to do these things because the Mech is a significant chunk of your combat power. 

Player Assisted AI sounds about right for this spec. 

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