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Unatural Traversal Doesn't Work


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So with Untamed I'm supposed to ambush unsuspecting prey. I understand that's the premise of this spec. But how can I do that when 8 out of 10 times this skill doesn't function correctly when I pop it off?


Many times I've had a clear line of sight of a target directly in front of me. I pop this skill, and just nothing happens???!?!


The skill is broken. It needs to get fixed because right now I can't play the spec correctly. It's frustrating because I am being robbed on good ambushes which is what Untamed is supposed to specialize in.


If it continues to not work I might have to consider going back to Druid or Soulbeast, which I don't want to do. Not because I don't like those specs, I love them both. But Untamed just feels fresh right now and I enjoy doing combo's with the hammer. But the unreliability of this skill is making it difficult.


Or is this some kind of Ambush RNG?

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4 hours ago, Beddo.1907 said:

It works only if you aim at the target with your cursor. If you don't aim it, you will just do a fart and don't move.


I've done that and I've even successfully teleported to my target that was on the other side of a wall completely out of sight. Then the next minute, I pop it off on a target directly in my line of sight and.. nothing.


They should rename this skill to Unreliable Teleport!

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The skill is not broken, but it does have a high learning curve (like with Untamed as a whole)

You need to be able to plan when you're going to use unnatural traversal. If you know you're not within 900 range or that there are objects and/or potential pathing problems in the way...it is your duty to reposition yourself so you can line up that teleport -> then ambush. 


If you pop it on its own with no target you either get 5x stacks of might or 1x regen. If you hit your target you get the boons and give them vulnerability. The skill is fine, but I'd even be in favor of making it a targeted skill only.
-Eros of Ascalon

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