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Dragon's End Meta help please - who to boost?

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I am considering using my level 80 boost on a character/build that would have a decent chance at getting into a squad requiring the alac/quickness builds I see asked for in the Dragon's End meta.

Things to consider are that I have full sets of ascended Medium and Heavy armor but no ascended Light armor.  I have a pretty good assortment of ascended weapons and I'm willing to change out stats, runes, and sigils as needed.

I've got every basic profession available at varying levels.  I'm willing to read/watch videos to learn a new rotation.

I am also not a young person, I'm OLD, seriously grandmother-type old, so my reflexes are not what they used to be.

I appreciate any suggestions on a build that you can share, thanks in advance! 🙂


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Power Alacrity Mechanist deals a lot of damage and I consider the rotation very low intensity, something to keep in mind is that you press F2 first then either F3 or F1 after that, and stack a lot of ferocity buff from your grenade skill, then just auto attack using your mace to maintain alacrity outside of the F skill.

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