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How many SAB weapon sets is enough?


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Just made a list of the SAB weapon sets and what is needed to get them all done. There were 7 that i knew of, now 2 more. The crimson assasin wpns. alone, take 5-10yrs. So we completionists are suppose to compile 9 sets of 16 weps, with more being added every year. Oh, and do it in just 21 days per year. If your going to make a weapon set or 2 every year, it should at least, be possible to complete those set(s) in that 21 day cycle.

Ok devs, you want to show SAB some love, but can't finish worlds 3 and 4. Adding more weapon sets doesn't compensate for lack of development in other areas of SAB. I love SAB, but if its dead like dungeons, (progression wise) then its dead. Offering up new colored carrots to run the same hampster wheel for, just makes it more daunting. Let us get it done! So we can do SAB for the fun in it, and for the great weekly rewards that are already in place.

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I agree ... it is getting too much. Luckily besides Crimson and the Kaiser's ... the other ones are not too hard. (The tribulation ones need a lot of dedicated time to get them though.) Getting the extra tokens from the special chest for now - instead of a free Kaiser's. (Might buy them slooooooly.)

They should add 2 more tribulation sets with the still missing worlds. Other than that focus on doing minor stuff. At least the weekly they added gives a few additional Crimson tokens ... and it seems armor will get added from the Nostalgia achievement this year.

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