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  1. Hopefully, with some variety added, they can get a better assessment of player interest. There is potential here for sales but they need to do more than dip their toe in the water to find out.
  2. I get that some players don't like them. For those of us that do, more options would be greatly appreciated. Especially since there is no variety currently.
  3. There are too few options here and they lean heavily to the "cute" aesthetic. I would love some options in general. Personally, I want a Job o Tron skin as I use the Jade Bot mini to have it out all the time. Currently I only use the chubby baby dragon on one other character. Outside of that, all my characters use the default skin. Please make more options. Curious if anyone else feels this way.
  4. It is difficult to play through the story again on my alts because of how slow the pacing is in the beginning. There are also some encounters in the LW seasons that are just overly long without reasonable break points to pause. I do enjoy replaying some of it though. I'm another one of those who does it all on my main. Every time I try to play through on another character I burn out usually in LW season 2.
  5. I like the skimmer and beetle a lot better. I don't want a robot mount as much as I want a vehicle reimagining. I'm still hoping for a hover tank turtle skin
  6. Sorrow's Furnace since launch. No regrets!... well, except winning might be nice at some point ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  7. Pretty sure this armor was available in vanilla GW2 days in PvE. It and a few other sets became unobtainable with the wardrobe system implementation. They were later added back as of obtainable through WvW and PvP only. Better than the period of time we couldn't acquire them at all I'd say.
  8. After reaching the max tier title (I request "I'm Lucky You Know") consuming them insta downs you ๐Ÿ˜
  9. How about, after you max out account magic find, consuming them contributes to a multi tiered title?
  10. This is a joke right? Give it to us for free if you want each rotation. I still wouldn't pick it. The difference after all these years of playing is negligible. Trust me, spend your AA on something useful. Even tier 5 crafting bags have more value than this item.
  11. This way is better. More reward options. Alt accounts are harder to profit from which should be better for the health of the game.
  12. They did contribute. It is a terrible idea. The real issue here is that people fixate on a discipline system in a game. Just report and move on. Your role goes no further than that and shouldn't. We pay to play, not to participate in game administration issues.
  13. Wait, hold up.... did you just reference pistol as a ranged option for warrior??? ๐Ÿคจ
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