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  1. This is very true. I didn't buy this item precisely because I have to log in daily to get the full benefit. That wasn't worth the cost to me.
  2. Ah, the long road. We are instant gratification types. Are we really surprised businesses capitalize on this? Several have said it above, speak with your wallets and companies will listen. Give a perfect argument on a forum and.... well, here we are 😬
  3. Honestly I just want the items that are black lion key only to also be gem store purchases. I've missed some that I would have paid for. I only farm keys in game. I mean mystery toys exist and that is a bigger issue frankly than a loot box that doesn't require cash to obtain.
  4. The system is almost where it should be. You can already get BL keys by just playing the game and converting gold. Paying real world currency is a personal choice that should remain in place. The only change that still needs to happen is that EVERTHING in the boxes should be available for direct purchase in the store. These boxes are almost completely optional for acquiring stuff you want. They should be completely optional. The rng exclusive items are the only real issue left and they are few.
  5. I can account for one of them. I carry its skull on my back!
  6. True. I've changed my mind. Ambient creatures should all get downed state!
  7. I only recently discovered that dialogue. I was refering to his condition in the instance after the battle. We should have needed to airlift him out of there. I'm glad they aren't ignoring the mental trauma. I just wish the instance was more reflective of the absolute devastation killing two elder dragons would have caused.
  8. In my opinion, any PvE creature at veteran level or above should have the downstate mechanic and need to be finished.
  9. Sounds epic. I would play that spec as the darker theme is appealing to me.
  10. I didn't enjoy this section but I also recognize it was geared for a different type of player than me. As content, I thought it was made well and polished. The pace felt slow but that is to be expected when figuring out puzzles.
  11. I think the narrative choices made in EoD were primarily aimed at wrapping up the dragon cycle. It didn't feel like it intentionally mirrored the real world. I'm curious where and what is next.
  12. Yes, "RIBA" is pretty effortless once you get used to it and the returns are good. It isn't direct gold but you get plenty to sell. Use the looking for group tool to find an active RIBA map.
  13. My alts are simply the commander's guild. It works well for me since I have a personal guild hall. Takes fooooorever to upgrade but they all pitch in. The captain's airship is theirs too 😉
  14. I think Braham surviving his ordeal was not well received. Not because of liking or not liking his character, but because it's weird that he "walked away" from that. If not dead, I certainly didn't expect to find him concious after the whole Primordis's champion thing. I don't think the issue is them not killing off mains. It's them not putting real consequences on physically and mentally traumatic stuff our allies go through.
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