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  1. 8 years and no Teq skin for me either. This event needs to be updated for some kind of mercy system. My daughter doesn't really do this event much and got one in her first month! My eight year old is favored by RNG so I guess I'll have to let her play my account a few times 🤣 She knows I want it too. Rubs it in every now and then 😒
  2. Yes, this is a good path to a solution. Wonder if they'll ever speak up on this issue.
  3. Um, no this is absolutely not the issue here. The issue of poor game performance here is between the user and the company selling the products. If people display cosmetics provided by the company how are they responsible for any particular user's frame rates??? They are not at fault for the game not having more toggle on/off options for specific cosmetics. There is no entitlement problem here. What a strange cause and effect argument! Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe after I load into a zone I need to ask the map chat what armor and weapons I'm allowed to display...
  4. My turn to bump 😀 Any updates on Alliances 🤣
  5. Well that is entirely up to those who created said challenge. Players opinions on it shouldn't hold any weight unless the unintended alternative to the normal path hinders their gameplay. JP rewards don't need to exist at all if the only reason you do it is for the challenge. It really doesn't matter to me how other players get to the end of a jumping puzzle and it really shouldn't matter to any other player how I get there.
  6. Everyone is focussed on convenience. They can't be bothered to read the "Terms of Service" for anything so when things don't go how they think they should we get arguments and rants like we're seeing on this thread. This attitude is everywhere now. People like this are super easy to control unfortunately.
  7. I enjoyed it too but the pacing was not ideal due to the circumstances impacting the saga's development. Not my favorite piece of storytelling so far but it was enjoyable when taken as a whole. The Primordus arc bothered a lot of long term players but if there ever was going to be more to that story it probably should have happened years ago. The dragon story line has lasted a long time. When I step back and look at the entire thing I enjoyed LW Season 3 the most. Icebrood Saga is somewhere in the middle. I wish we could have recieved one more map but I really enjoyed the story telling on old
  8. I decided not to bother with any eyes as soon as I found out you can only get one through achievements. Sorry, the carrot is fine but the stick is waaaaaay too long on this one!
  9. The fact that everything highlighted in the OP is optional really contradicts the point of the game becoming greedy.
  10. I haven't really noticed an increase in this issue. It feels about as frequent as it always has. I never suffer from this issue because keeping an eye out for portals has just become second nature to me. I only use portals from people I game with or in specific situations like hero point trains. You don't have to use them just because they're there and I have no problem avoiding them despite running the game on it's lowest settings.
  11. I'm surprised people still ask for this! Spoiler alert: this game will never do this...
  12. It's not just you. Frankly, more negative emojis should be available. People should think before they post and not care if there are some people that may not like their opinion. This is a forum for discussions after all. We don't come here to sing kumbaya together. We come here to discuss. I'm so tired of the extreme aversion to anything that might be construed as negative. Here's a piece of news everyone: Someone will disagree with you at some point.
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