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  1. Warrior with a mainhand focus. Hear me out! The theme would be hurting enemies due to "misfires" from not knowing how to use it. Seriously though, some offhands would make interesting mainhand weapons.
  2. Good luck on this one. I said "nope" to this achievement after a week of trying a long time ago. Never looked back after that.
  3. Thank you so much for breaking that down for me. My perspective is changed 🙄 I'd say pardon the sarcasm but I stand by it. I appreciate that you don't agree with my opinion. Really, I do. At no point did I accuse them of lying. I'm just stating how it felt to me, an average player. In my line of work there are methods for communicating with the masses and Anet was intentionally vague. I love the game and actively support it but THEY COULD HAVE PRESENTED THIS BETTER. Fact is that they were scared to say what they were taking away to give us this feature. There are many of us that would greatly appreciate getting those missing 6th rune bonuses back as relics. We thought we would be mixing and matching them with runes. What we got was limited at best. Pardon me for not picking apart the wording of the announcement more thoroughly.
  4. They should have simply stated that 6th rune bonuses would be removed and relics would be added as a different system. The way it was presented had many of us thinking the 6th rune bonuses would become relics. This change is still not appreciated and I think they should do a follow up article explaining their intentions to the players. That way we can stop hoping for something they never intended to give us.
  5. I thought Eye of the North covered this. I don't do strikes so genuine question here. You can't do all strikes from EotN? If so, I agree. Seems odd to not have this.
  6. Some of us enjoy this content 🤷‍♂️ Because this game has no subscription, I do these for fun periodically and it supports the game. Doesn't feel like a "gotcha" to me.
  7. I'd be happy if they tripled the price. Not looking forward to adventuring with mobs of swimsuit clad players...
  8. This was the solution. They were online and I was typing their account name. Thanks!
  9. I can't select anyone in my current party or the guild I actively represent and half my friends list. They don't show up under the "everyone" option either. Is this feature broken? Trying to gift copper fed salvage kits to my kids.
  10. As a warrior? Pick up a pistol in my main hand and start looking for dev tags 😈 They need to know how a pistol works 🤷‍♂️ *a joke in case someone doesn't understand
  11. True, but a handful of new, spear only, collections allows us a chance to earn 7 more claim tickets per collection
  12. I think they will add Black Lion Spear Skin collections to catch them up without devaluing current collections. After all, every profession is getting spears so this seems like an easy business decision to sell more black lion keys.
  13. The new war claw skin preview video had idle animations that very much reminded me of a horse. Are we getting horses via skins for the war claw with this expansion???
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