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I cannot create a bug report or submit a ticket to Customer Service

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I can't reach anyone to get help with an achievement.   I am trying to submit a  ticket and am told to log into my account.  This hasn't worked for years but I have always been able to submit a ticket anonymously.  The option is no longer available.  When I try to submit a bug report ingame the submit button is greyed out.  I need help please.  I am trying to do Respects Paid Achievement for the mastery point and #3 & #4  are not registering any progression.  I have everything else.  I have tried and tried with 3 & 4 but I have no success.  I have checked and there is no issue that Anet is aware of.  I think the issue with submitting tickets and getting technical help is worse than the achievement issue.   Can someone please contract me to get these two things fixed?  Thank you with all my heart for any help you are able to offer.

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The support login can fail due to a browser problem or because your support account is broken, which can only be fixed by contacting support. You can email them at support@arena.net

To enable the bug report submit button, all fields have to be filled (area, sub-area, title, description). If it doesn't enable, you're either on an unsupported OS or other software is probably blocking something. Note submitting a bug report is the equivalent of posting it on the forums.

Ensure you went to every shrine (not just 3 and 4) and did /kneel in the right spot.

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Thank you.  I was able to send an email to support and the login issue was resolved.  They also responded with the same video (the one I used to get all the shrines 😄 but #3 and #4 still haven't registered.  I recall doing them and getting the green notification that they were done.  Support advised me to try a different character, and I did, with the same results.  The last suggestion they had was to submit an in game bug report.  


I'm so sad.  =(   

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