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OCX Sunday Sessions ONLINE


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TLDR: If you play OCX; make it a priority to play Sunday nights between 7PM - 10PM AEST (Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne time)



We don't have enough oceanic players to get consistent action across all 12 servers.
Lots of groups play independently of one another; but don't end up in the same match-up.
A bunch of OCX guilds have recently got together and agreed to play this slot so we can focus the content; join us!



All servers / tiers; the goal is to get action across the board / skillset.


Q. Is this just for guilds / organized groups?

A. Absolutely not; there are many roles in wvw and the more the merrier.


Q. What about me; I'm a late NA player and/or early SEA player?

A. It's a Sunday; play later/earlier and come join the action. No seriously.. #doit


Q. I logged onto a server in this 'OCX' timezone and it was rubbish

A. If you build it they will come; try again next week.

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