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Expansion Future Weapons


Future Weapon  

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  1. 1. What do you guys think the next weapon for Ranger should be for the next expansion? (if we were to get a new spec)

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I voted Scepter, but shield would also work for the Espec I envision.

New Weapon Shield or Scepter,

New Skill type Minions

You lose the core mechanic of a pet and instead select 4 pets (one for each skill other than healing skill)

Each skill 7-10 can be selected to use whatever pet is in that "slot" signature skill.  Whichever pet is in the "elite" spot, also gets a temp buff where they rampage when the skill is used and it is on a longer cool down than normal.

This gives the ranger more pets, with the ability to control them.  It makes it so if a pet dies, it isn't the end of the world - you could even make it so using the skill brings them back instead of using the the actual ability.  Balancing recast as needed.

As far as trait line goes, fill it with passive pet healing and pet buffs, so as the ranger does things the pets get stronger.  If shield is the weapon, give the ranger defensive bubbles and things like that to protect the pets while they do the dmg.  If it is a scepter, give them the ability to target pets and use weapon skills on them that become beneficial, similar to thief new Espec. 

The rangers F abilities could be a teleport to player, essentially summoning all pets to your location (similar to how when you swap pets, the new pet is next to you) and maybe a pet heal and a pet buff.  Think mini commands.


Originally thought this wouldn't have a place in WVW zerg, which Ranger really needs.  But after re reading this thread, I think my idea COULD work in a WVW zerg.  Essentially make the ranger useless without "friends" make the pets "friends" and if the ranger is solo, he uses skills to buff up the pets, if in a zerg, kitten the pets and the ranger can buff up the party or zerg and the pets are just some added DPS / cannon fodder.  BOOM a pet based class that can zerg.

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20 hours ago, Mediahead.3542 said:

One question, what are swarm pets and how would they work?

When I think of swarms I automatically think of a large group of insects, so we could have swarms of bees, fireflies, butterflies, etc etc. But I think it could work with more animals, not just insects, for example birds, rabbits, squirrels, and fish (this one for underwater combat).

The way I imagined it could work: each swarm would have a defining role, for example bees could be power damage, birds could be condi damage, butterflies could be support/healing. At the same time, the active swarm could either be chosen to be offensive or defensive (and would provide stealth as well, hence the camouflage theme). We could choose when to have our swarm of bees attack our target or protect/stealth us.        

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