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Fishing Needs less RNG , and More Consistency.

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Let's start this off simple : Fishing Isn't Fun if you're doing it with any purpose at all. There's nothing remotely enjoyable about being Stuck in croaker / lamprey / Viperfish limbo for REAL LIFE DAYS depending on Pure RNG and nothing else.There's No enjoyment in needing 15 Backpacks Just to carry the bait that, depending on how angry RNJesus is, Will become nothing but a Stack or two of 'Fine' Fish Fillets. 

The Issue with the Pure RNG of fishing is that it makes All the prep work in fishing feel worthless. " Oh boy, I'm sure glad I ground out 2 entire mastery tracks. Now I can fish in harder spots for the exact same results And no noticable improvement in loot, at all, ever ". There's Zero Consistency or Stability in Fishing. As said in other posts, The most gentle hook minigame ever can be a legendary, and the Most Insane fishing Challenge in your life can be a Green. The RNG is So heavily stacked against you that some players straight-up believe they're doing everything wrong, even when they're Not. 

The Bait needs to have an effect Beyond " now you can catch X fish ( even though they'll never show up ) ". The Masteries Need to have an effect Other than " Now you can Get Blues and greens In new Zones! 🙂 ". Fishing Power needs to have A bigger effect Than " Now you can get Blues / Greens more easily In harder Zones " 

It makes putting in any effort beyond the Bare minimum completely Wasteful . Why bother putting in effort or getting a Big fishing party when Maxed out Fishing Power is No different than doing the Bare minimum to be able to fish in a Hole. 

The same is with Dusk/Dawn Fishing. You get 10 Minutes every 2 Hours. And depending on the fishing zones that means Maybe 12 casts if you're Really quick. That's 12 Chances, total, Not counting the sheer RNG that everything is Dragged down by , To get a fish that has maybe a .005% chance of Showing up . It amplifies the Previous issues By at least 15. 

Suggestions Include Re-weighting the Loot Table a bit During Dusk/Dawn to make fishing Remotely reliable there , Implementation of Changes that make higher Fishing Values Beneficial to any meaningful degree. Maybe Implementing Fishing Banners or , Putting an Unbreaking Lure in the Gem Shop. Like, sure, I'd shell out 400 Gems for a Never-breaking +100 Power Fishing Lure. it'd save me countless Trips across an entire ocean for amber lures out of arborstone

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Maybe fishing nets instead of banners, just to stick with the theme.  And I'd absolutely kill for a tackle box and that unbreakable lure you mention.


Love the suggestion of boosting dusk/dawn a bit.  Though it does build a weird community of five minute desperate casters all seeking the same danged fish...

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