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For the people who don't read the front page - Anet Studio April Update


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The relevant wvw sections.

They're still working on the queue bug, hard to track cause you know not enough queues, log on more slackers.

They're working on alliance ui, might as well, that bug won't be solved soon.

Edge of the mist got a bug fixed, don't say they don't love you gvg'ers.

Jade bot scavenging reimplemented, they read the forums! enjoy your p2wbuyexpansionforextrabotrewards.

Some balance follow ups on may 10, probably nerf more strips.

Early designing of next batch of rewards - see you next year.


World Restructuring

In our last studio update, we mentioned that we’re actively investigating the queue bug that causes players to get thrown to the back of the WvW queue after waiting in line on reset nights. It’s frustrating to experience, and with the deep queues that happen during World Restructuring beta events, it usually means that impacted players log off for the night rather than wait in line again. Unfortunately, this issue isn’t something we’ve been able to reproduce in our dev environment. To help diagnose the issue, in the April 19 update, we’re adding new data logging to the game that will allow us to collect the information needed to identify the root cause.

In the meantime, the team has shifted their attention to designing the user experience surrounding Alliances, a sub-feature of World Restructuring that allows multiple guilds to matchmake together. We’re also in the early phase of designing our next batch of rewards improvements for the mode. We’ll have more details on this in a future blog.

Edge of the Mists Instancing Bug: Attention all enjoyers of player-organized GvG (guild vs. guild) gameplay: There’s a fix for the Edge of the Mists instancing issue coming with next week’s release! You’ll be back to pin sniping and dodging in unison in no time!

Jade Bot Scavenging

In the March 29 update, we made a change to Jade Bot Scavenger Protocols that makes them no longer grant materials or trophies for player kills. This change was intended to address an exploit elsewhere in the game, but WvW players took splash damage in the process and were unfairly nerfed. We’ll revert this change for WvW in the April 19 update. Happy scavenging!

March 29 Balance Update Follow-Up

We made some significant changes to WvW profession balance in the March 29 update, and for the most part we like what we’re seeing. However, there are a few lingering issues that we don’t want to wait until June’s profession update to address. We’re still monitoring and formulating our plan on this front so we’re not ready to share details quite yet, but we wanted to let you know to expect some additional WvW-specific balance adjustments in the May 10 release.


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