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I shouldn't have to change my gear to take Pinpoint Distribution


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This is a super simple change. Currently, if my group wants me to take Pinpoint Distribution, I have to account for the lost expertise, if I'm playing a condi build.

Just swap the stat bonuses of Chemical Rounds and Thermal Vision.  Keep the other effects the same, so you can choose between the personal condi damage of Thermal Vision, or the group buff of PD, without having to mess with your gear.


Chemical Rounds

Gain condition damage. Your pistol skills gain increased condition duration.

Duration Increase: 33%

Condition Damage: +120 <-----


Thermal Vision

Gain expertise. Increase your outgoing condition damage when you inflict burning.

Thermal Vision (4s): +5% Condition Damage

Expertise: +150  <-----  Just swap these two

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1 hour ago, LuRkEr.9462 said:

Providing any sort of group support typically comes at a DPS loss. Pinpoint distribution is no different, seems fine to me as is.

It's not group support, it's a damage buff.

And it will still be a personal dps loss, you lose Thermal Vision's +5% condition damage and 20 stats.

The only difference is that you don't lose a stat that requires changing gear. As it is, the traitline is in an awkward spot that power builds can more easily pick the trait than condi builds, because they only lose ferocity.

Compare it to Assassin's Presence, where you have a clean choice between either +250 power for yourself or +150 ferocity for your group.

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Even then PPD is still almost never worth it over thermal vision if that was that case. For PPD's group dps contribution to be worth over the solo dps contribution of thermal vision, it'd need to hit 7 players who are doing strong condi dps. And there's the issue, it's a target cap of 5 and that would mean you would be put into a sub of your own. having PPD on non-full-dps players diminishes the value you give. AP, Spotter, and EA would still be more value as say, your druid will deal more damage with those buffs on compared to PPD. The cases where you have say a alacmirage and cfb in your sub with another 2 whole condi dps classes you could feasibly run PPD with a malice sigil and get quite a bit of value, but in most pugging scenarios you have a healer in your sub. Power also never takes PPD in fights where it matters because you're just playing condi too. That one speedclear of Matthias is not a good indicator for that. Fallen just didn't want swap off of holo. 

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