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Balance Team Please Kill WVW By changing Dodge to Evade 5 Attacks

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Higher health and armor is literally one of the most requested features since WvW's inception. In fact most players seem to think health should be easily 2x what it is now. Sure, it seems a bit rediculous in small fights but the devs have always considered large fights to be the backbone of the game mode and they're still instant death for all but very organised guilds and squads with good comps.


Too many players allow random open-field bunker situations to decide their view on higher TTK. Roaming is fun but it isn't in any way representative of the majority of fights in WvW.


That said, we still need higher offensive target caps (defensive is fine as it is) to enable zerg-busting.

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u kidding me? fights are superslow yet and a sustain wars...


anet ONCE F####'## AGAIN nerfed smaller squads and buffed number game, shame on this balance team


nerfing healing dispension field AND giving everyone more bulk leads to even longer fights, things die slower and u have a bit less active sustain. the bigger group wont care bc they have more numbers = more mitigation = more cooldowns = more plain dmg and sustain by numbers


small squads only beat bigger ones by thinning them out, but anet makes this ONCE AGAIN HOLY F### worse to pull off


like really, why? this anvil change is so damned pointless

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