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ls1 achievement [The Higher Road]

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Another confirm here. I never got the eligibility buff for either of my first and second instance attempts. Thought at first it was taking fall damage that did it, but fall damage could be contributing to a fail anyway so be careful with those ledges.

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I've had to play through this instance 3 times due to various other bugs (and still have to play again because of said bugs), and have never seen the eligibility buff.  I think I'll be waiting to play through it again until I see a patch for it.


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Having the same issues.  

This instance is incredibly easy to break.

On replays, if you move towards Rox before she gets a quest marker over her head, she'll start her dialog but not advance the journal.  You have to talk to her and have her repeat the whole thing (or log out/restart). 


This achieve just plain will not work.  Been through the maze multiple times now without aggro, all the way up to Scarlet, and no buff or credit.  No way to tell if there's some other req or it's the fault of the missing eligibility buff.  I have logged into and out of and restarted the instance a dozen times now at least and no buff.


I hear cheating it as a group, where one player clears everything and pulls levers for the rest, is the only thing working atm.  Not sure why that would work but falling damage would invalidate, and still no idea if that requires the buff.   I am tired of it for now so waiting for a fix. 

This of course has to be part of the meta.  /sigh

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Sept 13 still bugged.  No eligibility buff either did it 3x.  Takes several battles to get to that area.

No leeway like before so cant get the final reward.  Before we needed like : example 10 out of 12 to get the final AP.  Now its 100%.  Not exactly encouraging us to to the events. 

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