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Update character Creation - More customization

Update character Creation - More customization  

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  1. 1. We all love Fashion Wars, i would love character creation/makeover kits to be updated or expanded rather than see a new campaign/story! I want my character to look like me!

    • More character customization
    • More storylines/expantions

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This should probably be in the General Discussion sub-forum as opposed to this one.  And yes I would like to see a few new options ( though I'd like to see the Canthan ones fixed first) I have no desire to see future Living Story or Expansion content foregone to achieve said custom options.

Edit: Also, I don't think this game can or should try to pull what BDO does with its character customization...not sure anyone should really.

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Yes I would like more customization options. Still, I cant say how much I would actually use them. I have spent many hours getting my characters to look how I want them to look. I am not likely to create new characters at this point unless a new race is added. I would love to see new hairstyles and tattoo options (for norn and humans alike) and would be far more likely to use such than completely new faces and the like.

All of that said, I would rather not have cosmetics of this sort slow story and related content developmemt. On a positive note it is possible that producing new customization options wouldnt have a huge impact on mechanical aspects of content development.

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I think I would like more customization options, however for me that's probably a double edged sword because I currently cant pick "THE" hairstyle for my sylvari, and would probably spend ages looking through the options over and over. Hours of my life I would never get back, or spend on anything but questioning "is that the right look".
On the other hand I might find "THE" one and never question my choice again. I would really like a long haired style for my sylvari.  Also maybe the option to have more than one colour for more hairstyles. Cant speak or all the races here but I haven't noticed any.

2 hours ago, Ashen.2907 said:

I would love to see new hairstyles and tattoo options (for norn and humans alike)

Yes I agree with that, and maybe more customizable tattoos, not all tattoos are one colour after all.

That being said, I think I would rather see More storylines/expansions than more character customizations, like if it really came down to it, if that were the two choices. 

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