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  1. That has to be the longest run-on sentence I've ever seen.....
  2. I don't disagree and I still think the remnant of Arenanet could have done at least a little better. But its not entirely unexpected, we aren't dealing with the original Anet, people who actually cared about their game, plus in the last decade there has been a significant drop in story quality across most media including gaming (naturally with exceptions). Anyway, I'm kinda past being angry about how bad the later half of Irritable Bowel Saga was and am now just bummed out instead. God help Arenanet if they don't make End of Dragons into a freaking slam dunk, I don't see them or either GW1
  3. I was disappointed in the way she was brought back, as well as how it was the first thing that happened in that LS chapter, though I suppose on what with how much else was packed into that chapter making the resurrection later may simply not have been feasible.
  4. My priorities are not any of your business and as far as I'm concerned they are in near perfect order.
  5. Been years since the gem store had new tops and trousers, so please forgive my skepticism.
  6. God I hope not, really don't like the concept.
  7. Not, I'm all but certain we'll never see Primordus again.
  8. Jormag had limited access to the mists due to having captured a Norn shaman, Havroun Solvi, and was using his power to "spirit walk" to do so. After Solvi died the Icebrood and Jormag lost the ability to access the Mists until Balthaddon died.
  9. Can't say that it interests me, so no I'd probably not pay for that.
  10. What do you mean by "hair templates" and aside from these dye channels how are they different from what we currently have?
  11. Ehh, that's questionable if the thread is few years old, its sometimes better to start over imo. Not that this quite qualifies.
  12. I still like some of "Dragons Watch". Hard Pass on this.
  13. Yes, we remembered this scene and episode (really kittening hard to forget the scene that introduced "Heel Turn" Balthazar) but I seem to recall that particular episode being having another little tidbit: The revelation that killing anymore Elder Dragons would destroy Tyria. Which is exactly what we went and did at the end of Irritable Bowel Saga, but thats ok, at least the episodes came out in time 💩
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