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  1. I wouldn't personally assume that Anet, which is a small company, is going to get a lot of help with coding from NCsoft. Feel free to do so, if you so choose, but I've learned to temper my expectations.
  2. They don't seem unnoticeable to me. Obviously not as large as many other winged backpacks, but typically fairy wings aren't portrayed as being very big in most depictions.
  3. There were no gliders when the game first came out in 2012, they were added when the first Expack came out in 2015, plus dyeable backpacks are even newer, the vast majority of them can't be dyed. And as Boh.4568 mentioned, this game suffers from Spaghetti Coding, or as I prefer to call it: Pervasive Existential Horror Coding. Changing stuff, especially older stuff like the dye system is hard to do without breaking other things.
  4. *Insert really juvenile and poor taste joke*
  5. The contention between Sajuuk Khar and Konig (and seemingly every other person Sajuuk interacts with) goes a lot further than just this thread.
  6. Completely different internal system than the armors, its not going to work with the templates.
  7. Why on Earth should you get an expansion for free or even a discount just because you're a returning player? I stuck around since launch and have had to fork out the full price for each Xpack, along side gem purchases. I've spent real money to support this game, but you came back after however long and expect the same for free?
  8. Yeah. I know. My response to the OP is fundamentally different from the response I gave Fny.4502's.
  9. I'm just tired of people asking for stuff that I like that's already in the game to be taken away. Its been happening with increasing frequency in recent years and sometimes Anet listens.
  10. Don't hold your breath, my dude. Anet's unlikely to give your request much thought: they haven't touched anything from the original dungeons in years, including their respective equipment rewards, and they also really really like putting particle effects on everything. Those old glowing effects from the Ascalon set are actually really tame in comparison to a lot of whats been coming out the last few years. Please tell me you're joking.....
  11. Look for recruiters in game would be my advice, any of the major cities is going to have them posting in map chat. This game lets you join as many as five guilds at a time, so try multiple out to find what you're looking for.
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