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  1. Oh for all the.... Get me off this kittening planet already, or at least send me back to the 1980s.
  2. Good God people, are we really going "eVeRThInGs pOLiTiCaL" like its still mother kittening 2016? I play games to get away from that sort of crap.
  3. ArenaNet never said that they weren't going to add mounts ever, only that they weren't going to add mounts at launch.
  4. No offense my dude, but these are all very OLD and very often repeated topics of discussion, the playable races one especially so and the numerous reasons why its not something Anet can or will ever be able to do (its also not generally a "Lore" topic fyi). To risk pulling a Kharmin on you, give the Search bar a glance before starting a new thread, see what people have discussed previously.
  5. GENERATES based on preexisting sources, in both instances. "AI" whether its programs like chatgpt or the various image generating ones don't actually create anything, especially anything new (which is why I especially loath even the thought of "AI" being used in lieu of human writers in mainstream media, despite my very low opinion of the majority of the likes of Hollywood or comic book writers, AI would just be worse in the long run).
  6. It's not going to happen. It's been eleven years, if they were going to they'd have done so long before now.
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