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  1. Dunno about latex, but catsuits do at least have a presence in lore, GW1 assassins to be specific.
  2. Waypoints should have stayed a game mechanic that was ignored by lore.
  3. And I can't post gifs to...flavor...my comments with now. Typical of Anet, consistently making stuff less fun.
  4. I can't help but sympathize with OP, though I am well aware that there's nothing to be done about it. However, what I will bitche about is this term some people on this thread are using: "Tolkien-esque" in the same sentence as "Generic". There was a hell of a lot more to Tolkien than just elves and dwarves, and in those regards the "generic" fantasy folks refer to are similar to the Legendarium in only the most superficial sense.
  5. You and I are going to have to duel to the death. https://giphy.com/gifs/highlander-there-can-be-only-one-9Jmb2idg10qJSygvTQ/fullscreen
  6. The Norn in general aren't very viking-ish in general anymore, imo. Haven't been in a while.
  7. I am not inclined to think that any pre-orders will be available any time soon, barring some significant changes to how Anet releases this xpack in comparison to the previous ones.
  8. Nice thing about going to other lands in PoF and EoD is that these sorts of errand running is at least semi-justifiable in that people aren't going to know who you are.
  9. At the risk of being hypocritical, very well. Don't hate Braham personally, don't really like him either.
  10. I have heard this theory before, and I do see some logic to it. Hopefully its either true, or the current iteration of Arenanet has memory-holed the whole death-oath thing.
  11. And you're selfish. You speak of "we" and "us" as if you represent a majority opinion when you can't know for sure, however I do know that there are a plurality of people that do like characters like Taimi, but you're so self-absorbed and petty that you'd take away characters that those and other people like just because you're easily annoyed.
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