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........what is a Missile Weapon?


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I knew Aim Assisted Rocket would get nerfed and that's ok. That being said.......what the heck is a "missilie weapon"? Will it only activate when using mortar kit?



  • Aim Assisted Rocket: This trait no longer has a minimum range. Instead, it only activates on hits from missile weapons. The mechanist's mech pet now triggers this trait at half the previous rate, with an internal cooldown of 6 seconds.
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I admit it is a very confusing and vague statement, because it can range in anything from your weapons, your kits (does the grenade count? does the mortar count?), your belt (is the grenade belt skill count?),  your turrets (does the rocket turrent count ? is the net a missle?) to thing you reflect (if you reflect any "missle weapon projectiles" towards the enemy, is that considered a hit from a missle weapon ?)

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