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Can we please get charater specific keybinds ? [Merged]


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  • Forum Moderator.3419 changed the title to Can we please get charater specific keybinds ? [Merged]

I just had to get used to it but it's so annoying. A lot of times if I switch to another class I use the wrong skills, especially talking about profession mechanics. Renegade uses the 1st slot for switching legends while 2nd 3rd and 4th are the actual skills. You now use a mechanist and your skills move to the 1st slot while others appeared to me as not assigned and clashing with the same that rangers use. Ranger same, with some going to the 5th slot. It's a mess if you have to use the same keybinds for all profession skills for every class, so you have to either get used to it, rebind to those classes you use the most or just everytime you play something different.

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