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Which color matches with Merciless weapons?


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You can try playing around with this: https://www.gw2bltc.com/en/tool/dye/search

Set a color (by clicking on cloth/leather/metal texture box) to what you think is close to the merciless weapon skin color, press search (red button) and sort the table by whatever texture you've set (by clicking on cloth/leather/metal in the table). You'll get some possible matches.

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This is also an excellent resource:  https://kulinda.github.io/dyes/#dye/Carnage_Orange

(I happen to have it on Carnage Orange in my browser right now but click to whatever dye you want to try to match).  Also you can toggle your dye panel to show locked dyes and see how they look on your specific gear.  It will only show in one lighting condition, of course, hues can be wildly different depending on environment.  My gold-toned jade skiff skin's trim is virulently orange in Ember Bay, for instance.

Green Tint does seem to match the Merciless GS blade, at least on the metal parts of the Sentinel outfit.

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