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Griffon mastery idea


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Could we have a mastery that allows the griffon mount to submerge in water for a few seconds and ideally without losing momentum?

In the animal world there are birds capable of submerging dozens of meters for practically a minute, I don't see what limitations could prevent a magical bird in Tyria from doing something similar.

What do you think?

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I don't really see a benefit to a mastery like this by itself, but maybe if it had some other effect too?

For instance, perhaps your Griffon dips underwater, keeps its momentum, and 'catches prey' on the fly and doing this re-ups your mount's stamina? Might be an interesting parlor trick for the people who enjoy fancy flying, and a mercy boost for the people who are exceptionally bad at flying over water.

I'm always in favor of upgrading existing mounts instead of continuously adding new ones, but the masteries have to be meaningful for me to want them, such as adding diving for Skimmers, temporary stealth (for all), or adding updraft capability to Griffon/Skyscale (not a thing yet, but hey, fingers crossed). So I'm not opposed to your kingfisher idea, it just needs a little more spice to feel worth the mastery points.

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1 hour ago, Naxian.9823 said:

What do you think?

I think EoD set a bad exemple of optional, ultra situational masteries and I'd rather we kept those to gate parts like HoT & PoF did // stuff w/ worldwide use like mounts, glider, downed 5th spell or emp tables

Ultimately I'm a grif fan and it remains a better idea than most of EoD's masteries (basically get a drone core for hp, get mount hp from maxed turtle, and minigames) but that's hardly a praise

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I think it's a great idea, because of two reasons:

  1. losing gryphon because the bird touches water for one milisecond is annoying as heck.
  2. it would open up even more uses for the mount, more fun routes to go trough, more fun

It doesn't even need to have any extra reward - even such a small feature would be fun enough.

But I do agree with other commenters that it would be nice if did something more than that.

And it makes me wonder - what if there were some cross-mastery-masteries, that combine few mounts/masteries together? What if there were a mastery that would let you to "queue" up a mount and use mounts as a combination: for example you fly with a gryphon, you submerge and after 2 meters down you automatically switch to skimmer? Or reverse - skimmer shoots out of water, you mount up a gryphon? Or gryphon->land->roller bettle without losing the momentum, the speed? 

But sorry for hijacking your thread, I got carried away. I do like underwater gryphon idea 🙂 

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