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Fight at the Finish achievement

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You have to kill him _after Marjory and Kasmeer left through the portal_. I killed him in a party in 10 seconds with both still being there, and nobody got the AP in two attempts. Third time it worked after we made sure Jory and Kas are away.

Also bravo on not making the final double cutscene skippable -.- Not even a relog works at that moment, gotta restart the game, lol.

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oh man, thanks so much for this info! our party of 4 was like "we DESTROYED this guy, why didn't we get the achieve??"


After reading this we knocked him down to 20% (well... with ongoing conditions,15%) and waited for Kas and Jory to be gone... there were still about 40 seconds remaining on the timer but since they had already left we just smacked him down and sure enough, the achievement popped up!! Love this community's helpfulness ❤️

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