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Solar Beam [Staff 1] needs a Buff in WvW.


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I love the Druid Changes in WvW but if we really want to round out the Spec, Staff 1 Solar Beam need a big buff.

Under my current build, i can get these Numbers:

  • Healpower: 2134
  • Outgoing healing: 80% ( Outside of Avatar in the best case scenario , which in unlikely to happen)

With these numbers Solar beam heals for roughly 500 per channel (1.35s ).

So in an extremly unrealistic scenario, Solar Beam heals for about 370 per second.


As a comparison, i can push Water Blast (Ele Staff Water 1) to 880 Healing or about 735 healing per second.

Yes, Solar Beam is not a Projectile but its healing is simply to weak.


Here are the changes i would do to it.

  • Increase the Base Healing to 90.
  • Increase the Scaling to 0.06.

That would push the Healing to about 600 per second.


NOTE: These numbers are in an extreme scenario and are nowhere near realistic to pull off.




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Quick question: where did you test those numbers?
With 1000 healing power and 1000 power for base numbers and nothing else added the amounts are:
cast ~1.25s
damage 421x3 =1263
healing 60x3=180
cast ~0.75s
damage 281
healing 373

The ele healing is higher but needs to hit near allies, is a projectile and has a fraction of the dps, so the healing comparison is kinda off.

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As far as in WVW:

Scaling is 30+0.03*healing power so you'd need a ridiculous amount of healing power even with 10% modifier from Lingering Light and 20% from the changed Natural Mender. At 1500 healing power you are looking at ~80ish heal with 3 pulses every 1.35 seconds or ~230 heal/second

At 1500 healing power you'd be looking at 480 heal/second if Dan's changes are implemented. If the only changes are to the base heal or the healing coefficient it would probably gain more traction. 

Scaling is 223+0.15*healing power.
For 1500 healing power (a realistic number with minstrels+ food+infusions) = 448 healing every 1.2s before any sigils and food outgoing modifiers and the 15% modifier from water traitline
* If comparing like for like and using same equipment you are looking at ~515/second for the staff auto before food/transference sigil
* This is before passive healing from Soothing Mist which can potentially affect 13 players if you are in your own subgroup and easily ~180 heal/second.

Med Blaster is 70+0.1*healing power with zero boons per pulse , 3 pulses, with a 1.25s channel time so around 530 heal/second plus another 7% from the Health Insurance trait at 1500 healing power. This is also before backpack regenerator / medical dispersion field is involved which provide additional passive healing.

The far larger problem in my opinion is without celestial avatar the only burst heal you have is the glyph of rejuvenation since Ancestral Grace has 20s base cooldown and a travel time. Celestial Avatar being locked out even if you don't use any of the skills due to the forced 50% loss in astral force when you dropped out of it is also a hefty penalty to pay. To top it all off if you use stealth in a group, even if you use the stealth trait Celestial Shadow that is more for escaping and not engaging, the pet isn't necessarily going to stealth.

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On 9/17/2022 at 2:06 AM, Infusion.7149 said:

The far larger problem in my opinion is without celestial avatar the only burst heal you have is the glyph of rejuvenation

The main issue Druid has in WvW is for 10 seconds the specialization had nothing to offer. Thus in beta HoT came up with the Lingering Light trait which was meant to fill the role while the avatar was on CD. 

But by a totally tone deaf decision those traits were removed so we ended up with a half baked specialization from the start. And further nerfs just kept going on which left the specialization in it's current state were it's not even needed in PvE anymore. 

Somebody would think , being their job as it is, the devs in charge of balance would know this things after 9 years... 

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