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Could Marshal's prefix get a rework?


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I am what you could call a long-time casual. What follows now comes from this perspective - hence the question mark in the title.

Let me preface this: I love Marshal’s gear (Power++, Healing++, Precision+, Condition+) for being a cheaply attainable set of serviceable, yet not perfect, off-support gear that also looks quite nice. For casual players like me, it is an easy way to gear toons and play support in open world without structured group play. Even for some semi-meta builds, it is actually somewhat good.

With that out of the way, here comes the question to which I would love to hear the wisdom of the magic conch shell that is the GW2 community:


Can we get Condition+ swapped for Concentration+?


Please, hear me out: Power++, Precision+ is a staple, and so is Healing++, Concentration+. Losing Condition+ is likely only affecting a small number of builds -as making Condition+ worthwhile on Marshal’s is difficult anyways-, whereas Concentration+ offers more (casual) players a way to dive into support roles cheaply and easily. Given the ubiquitous power creep discussion, it is likely not overpowering certain builds either. Sure, there is Harrier’s gear, but it is much more -if not prohibitively- expensive and potentially less optimal outside structured group play (high Concentration, no Precision). I am also aware that you can stack stats outside of gear, or mix and match prefixes, but let’s try to keep it a little more casual (and toon-friendly).

This is not supposed to be a question of technical feasibility but one of gameplay usefulness. Given the ongoing discussion of reworking unused gear instead of adding new gear (SEE: EoD prefixes and runes), I am proposing Marshal’s as a potential candidate.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


PS: Could Ferocity+ be an interesting alternative? It would make Marshal’s more similar to Diviner’s and Grieving, and people could mix and match Marshal’s and Diviner’s pieces to their liking. In a similar vein, could simply swapping Toughness++ and Healing+ on Crusader’s make it a cool mix-in for Commander’s?

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I would love this but I doubt they'd do it. Harrier is already best in slot for alot of support builds, and adding precision to it would mean no other stats would ever be taken for supports.


The combination of Harrier+precision(what you're asking for), and Celestial would be incredible.

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