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  1. You can buy the Strike mission from one of these raid guilds. Given its moderate difficulty, I believe it shouldn't cost much.
  2. You need properly read what OP's post is really about. His frustration lies in both in raid and in open world grinding. None of your years long proposals provide any solution. As for the OP, it's just another example of one TP baron who participate contents solely to leech his way into premium gearscoring, nothing more.
  3. Join the club here - roleplaying as the Majority Casuals.
  4. Given the account name, I am not surprised why an easy mode seem necessary, even after most of raid contents required for Leg armor has been nerfed to the ground.
  5. Of course we should get another PvE legendary armor. But Strike Missions are empty, Fractals are empty, even open maps are empty! Only a small minority does them! They are not worthy activities for the glorious majority! Let's just make Legendary Armor a reward for farming flax nodes! It needs to be, by public request, a collection swimsuits, and exclusive only to the Tengu race! Only then, shall our desire be fulfilled!
  6. Anyone who can afford a full set of legendary armor, plus other subsequent legendaries to incoporate its full use, is all part of an extremely small subsection of the community. Regarding how patches collide with players in competitive modes, it's simply something that only players within that circle throughout the past years could understand the impact. Exactly, I agree with you that most players don't need to have maxed out equipments. However, being a game where 75~80% of the player base don't play past 2500 ap, adding more legedary gear grind isn't going to do much
  7. Yes, and you will still need that extra template even with legendary armor on. Stat swapping every piece of armor and runes is an effort consuming process that is too easy make an error that ruins the whole build. It simply takes too long to make your character battle ready and entirely not practical.
  8. That depends how on much you have invested on either modes. In a squad play it usually falls to the veteran player to be capable to swap as many different roles as possible, since the type of players who joins your squad can vary from time to time. It is not uncommon to have a veteran raider to have 10+ builds across healer, tank, power dps, and condition dps. Under such circumstance, a sudden swap of the meta could inflict an account wide restructure. I believe the same could apply to many WvW guild leader and officers as well. I believe the issue isn't the lack of assets - we
  9. Which is exactly my point, legendary is far from being a necessity to play different builds.
  10. Exactly, which is why Legendary Armors are exclusive in competitive modes.
  11. Then it effectively turns Guild Wars 2 into a grind to win game, where you need to spend over 2k gold to get into hardcore contents, which become a requirement in which legendary armors are never intended for. That's where exotic gears came into place, they are perfectly sufficient for competitive game modes outside of fractals, and they are dirt cheap.
  12. Then they wouldn't be strictly an OW player. The irony is, the majority of players who are willing to do these roles have already obtained their Legendary Armor from either of these modes.
  13. The stat swapping feature is only essential for players who constantly swap builds on the fly to meet multiple situational requirements - such as from a DPS role into a healer Role, without leaving the game mode - again only happens in a competitive environment. The majority of players who couldn't carry their weight in OW struggles at basic build crafting and basic skill execution. They don't even have one single build template worthy of Strike missions. Which often left them mentally defeated at Endgame contents. Misleading them into grinding for premium gears as an only way out
  14. Except that it is not a good addition. There are already several multi hundred post debates about this a year ago that most of the past debate participants don't bother to bring it up again. In short, GW2 isn't a gearscore game. The QoL benefit of legendary armor are made for players who participates competitive modes that require constantly modifying their entire accounts of gears every balance patch. This also applies to PvP(who build their PvE according to their pvp stats), WvW, and Raid. In the sense of OW, where the majority of casual players made their income from selling
  15. The subject is about player skill in DPS (therefore DPS meter) and how they correlate with the general communities inside the game. You clearly avoided my question. But those of us lingered in this forum already have an answer: According to all your previous messages, you're over age 60+, have 12+ accounts, 10 years of playing time, owning a lv 69 guild, have nearly every single legendary (except the armor, obviously) and countless amount of gold. Yet, you also openly admitted not able to do good DPS, you're furiously against intergrading Strike Missions into meta achievements
  16. Here's the question: Are you an exception of that #3 statement?
  17. Use the discord app on your phone, via your cellular network. Problem solved.
  18. Quite the opposite. The point is that even if devs introduce another set of leg armors for Strike CMs, it would still be targeted only for raiders who already acquired the HOT armor. And people who have never completed the HoT armors will come in here with pitchforks and knives complaining, saying he's entitled
  19. In an MMO where 75% of the player base don't go past 2500 AP, all legendary seekers are a tiny silver of PvE, even if assuming that the rest of that 25% only do PvE. Again this is not a gearscore game, requiring players to participate modes that require build crafting before they jump onto the most expensive gear grinding of the game that benefits only for switching builds helps alleviate some of the major skill gaps between players in this game.
  20. Or the question should be asked another way - why would anyone, who is too busy with life, have very limited game time, would be obsessed with grinding all 6 pieces of legendary armors designed for hardcore gamers, instead of enjoying a vastly available contents casually? The friction occures because you made a hardcore decision out of a casual stance, resulting an investment problem, not because there is a flaw in the game design.
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