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Jumping puzzles reset per character


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Almost all achievements are account based, not character based.  Some have extra restrictions (as a warrior, do ...), but even on those, if you have 3 warriors on your account, you can complete those achievements on any character.

I can't imagine any real way to change that now - if JP achievements gave some nice rewards, I'd certainly want to do that on all of my characters, but there is probably no actual record of which character did what JP.  And do other achievements become per character, which would then increase number of AP points available?


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There's only one achievement for World Completion (per account).  There's only one achievement for completing all Jumping Puzzles (per account).

There's Map Completion rewards (per character), just as there are Jumping Puzzle rewards (per character).



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One reason the majority of achievements are account-wide might be to reduce the amount of data the game has to store. Elder Scrolls Online recently changed most of their achievements to be account wide for that reason (admittedly that game seems to have a lot more issues with data and servers than GW2) and that game only allows you to have 18 characters on your account, compared to GW2's 70.

You can still repeat all the jumping puzzles on each character, it just means if you want to make sure you do all of them you'll need to keep your own list.

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