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Steam deck pvp


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Hey all I recently got a steam deck and I got it set up for gw2 as best as it can be, using action camera. I can do all open world and story and farming stuff now but there is one mode that’s been interesting and that’s pvp. 

so I was going to switch from my scourge to ele main since I love the piano gameplay on pc but in pvp ele on steam deck is a nightmare. I honestly dont feel like it’s fun or rewarding to play ele pvp on steam deck like on pc. 

while not perfect necro has been the most fun so far, prob due to its simplicity. Even better then mech on steam deck since u have to aim the rifle attack and u often hit the wrong thing. 

has anyone else done a lot of pvp on steam deck? 

what do you find to be an easy class to pvp using the steam deck? 

I’m thinking due to the weird action mode and inability to just tab target the best prof would be one that just mashing buttons with a lot of aoe that doesn’t require you to lean heavy into the utility abilities. (Due to the nature of using them on steam deck being a bit more involved).



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I play on steam deck also. 


I'm a returning player who used to pvp a lot 8 years ago.

Right now I'm not quite comfortable enough to dig into pvp yet. Not just because of the new controls, but I've never used an elite specialization before and have to basically relearn everything about my class. 


I hope I can adapt and have as much fun as I used to.

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I've got a Steam Deck setup I use in all areas of the game. There's certain options that help. I can't remember the exact names of them, but look for these:


Instant cast ground targeting

Cap ground target abilities at max distance

Melee target assist

Promote skill target


I got my stuff set up for steam controller use years ago so I'd have to look at my settings again, but the biggest thing is figuring out your ground target settings.


Also, melee specs are much, much easier than ranged with action cam. I suggest trying melee versions of your favorite specs to relearn the game:


Warrior: almost anything except rifle or bow, but bladesworn can be annoying


Guardian: Willbender is great with controller, but some teleport combos are harder to pull off


Revenant: Herald and Vindicator feel great to play


Thief: all the teleports make most specs difficult, try this out later when you're more used to it


Ranger: greatsword builds are good, longbow is usable but has similar problems to engineer rifle


Engineer: sword Holosmith and mace Mechanist are quite fun. Similar issues to Elementalist finger piano


Necromancer: Reaper is lots of fun and the spec I used to learn controller play


Elementalist: support Tempest with dagger main hand feels great. There's a learning curve, but it doesn't require many ground targeting abilities. This is the build I used in ranked for a while


Mesmer: I'm not a fan of this class and have trouble playing it with controller. Someone more skilled may be able to figure out a good setup


Hope these notes help you. I play ranked PvP with controller / steam deck, and while I can tell there's always going to be a gap between what I can do versus mouse and keyboard, I still have lots of fun. Good luck!

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