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Thoughts on kicking option in PVP

kill flex.3728

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This would be too much of a good thing, and us PvP players aren't allowed to have good things.


I already know who I would votekick and several of them are among us here on the forums. Heck, I might even duoq just to make vote-kicking these people easier.

My real, honest thoughts, but you can probably begin to see why this is a bad idea.

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Only in the custom arenas - where hotjoin is possible. In a running match from the matchmaker system (unranked/ranked) 5 vs. 5 ... then you'd miss players and the system can't just queue in another player in a match that still is running.

Would only make sense for hackers - but then it might be abused for people you don't like. Afker ... makes no difference if he is afk or kicked unless you could fill the spot. (Or maybe you want him to get the dishonor timer ... that people prevent when staying at spawn but still moving = technically not really afk so they do not get automatically disconnected.)

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