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FPS and the race you play


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I wasn't sure where to put this so I thought I would ask here.

I just got a new computer. It's a mid level gaming PC.

Naturally, I wanted to check out frames per second. My old one was getting really bad for whatever reason.

Anyhow, I started to notice a big difference in FPS depending on what race I was playing. Basically, Norns where much lower ( by about 50 FPS ) than humans or asura. Is this a thing, the bigger your character, the slower your frame rate?

Maybe this is just some kind of anomaly. I still have very good frame rates even with the Norns, but not as good with the smaller races.

Any thoughts on this, or am I just crazy?

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I would belive theres like a 0,0000001% that affects FPS regarding the race you play. More like if your wearing lots of infusions or stuff like that. But with the same skin, in the same place, and with the same amount of ppl/npcs/objects around, the performing shud be the same.

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The only thing that comes to mind is that your camera angle may be a little different if you have "match camera to characters height" checkmarked. If you're Asura you may be viewing more toward the ground which increases framerate. And as a Norn your view is wider since the camera will then sit higher. Although I can't really imagine it being anymore than a couple fps in difference. 

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First thanks to all that replied to my post.

"match camera to characters height" I do have that enabled. Also the Norns armor/weapon's does have more detail/effects.

I have watched it more closely and I now think that a 50 point difference was too much.

One thing that you mentioned I found to be true. Depending on the camera angle can make a difference whether it be Norn or Human.

Apparently, there are so many variables, it's harder to compare the two than I thought.

Anyhow....thanks all,,,I'm not going to worry about it anymore...:)


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Camera angle absolutely makes a difference. When I had my old, slowly dying, computer it would sometimes freeze or stutter or get FPS spikes in busy areas, and literally something as simple as turning the camera to face a less busy area would help.

I'd notice it a lot at the end of the Wintersday mount race, it left you in a crowd of players on mounts, looking across the Crown Pavilion area which was also full of players and activity, and also had the constant snow effect. The game would slow down dramatically there, especially if I tried to open the Trading Post. But if I dismounted and turned the camera to face the wall or a quiet corner it recovered immediately.

I assume the same applies to my new computer, but the FPS hasn't gotten bad enough for me to worry about so I haven't been paying as much attention or experimenting with it.

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