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virtuoso aesthetic changes


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I admire virtuoso as an elite spec, but the blades look mediocre.

mediocre is fine but there is large aesthetic missing the maximum potential it could achieve.


passive blade aesthetic currently is simply purple daggers floating above your head which is boring.

It needs an animation. This animation could be a simple rotation around the height axis so the float around the user like a hula hoop. Or better yet it could have a path that flows from left hip up to the right should in front of the torso and then would repeat.


active blade aesthetic is fine but could have a musical component as this spec is called a Virtuoso. 

my favorite idea would be to have whistle sound effects. But if that is not possible because add random noises like trident or at least musical notes when it hits an enemy.

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Personally, I have yet to try playing virt. I would be more inclined to try and maybe play Virt if I didnt have any special passive visual. Specifically, I would prefer to style my toon the way I wish without having the daggers forced onto its stationary look.


I can see the apeal of adding animations or somthing to make them look cooler and I have nothing against that persay. That said, I would be concerned that adding more effects to them would only make them even more visible and more of a forced style theme than it aleady is. Thats why my personal preference is just to have the floating daggers removed or made optional.

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I'd enjoy Virtuoso a lot, if I could get rid of the floating daggers, even if it's just outside of combat, or at the very least when my weapons are sheathed.

Making that particle effect more pronounced would make Virtuoso even worse for me than it is right now.

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