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Weavers Antipodes.

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Destroyed as in deleted? Write to support and ask for recovery.
Destroyed as in salvaged? Not sure, but probably no. You can always get any exotic light armor gloves and transmute them to use weavers antipodes skin.

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23 minutes ago, Margeon.9650 said:

I accidentally destroyed my Weavers Antipodes! is there a way to get them back?

There's no way for you to get that exact item back. You'd have to contact Support and ask them to restore it.

But the skin will be unlocked in the wardrobe, so you can get an exact replica by buying, finding, crafting etc. any other level 80 exotic light gloves with the same stats and then using the wardrobe to apply the Weaver's Antipodes skin to them.

If you do that the only difference will be that instead of a line in the description saying 'skin unlocked' it will say 'transmuted' and whatever the original name was.

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