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Berserker and Heal Warrior buff suggestions.


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I already posted this to the GW2 subreddit, but I though I might as well share it here where the actual devs are more likely to see it.


Right now the spec is way underpowered compared to Bladesworn and Spellbreaker, benching 37k for Condi and a pitiful 34k for Power. Ideally it should be buffed in a way that allows both Condi and Power versions to bench 40k to match Bladesworn and Spellbreaker.


Increase damage done, allow it to hit multiple enemies at once.

Wild Blow

Reduce cast and cooldown time to match Shattering Blow .

Head Butt

Reduce or remove self-stun

Fatal Frenzy

Increase Power & Condi damage granted. Make it also grant Precision.

Bloody Roar

Increase the damage multiplier.

Basically Berserker's DPS issues can all be solved by just making the numbers bigger. Pretty much everything here is targeting Power Berserker, as that's the version I play, but if any Condi Berserker mains here have ideas on how to improve it, feel free to chime in.

Heal Warrior

This one's a bit more complicated, as it would require some traits to be reworked or even moved rather than just adjusting some numbers. Still, we all remember when Healsworn was an actually viable build until Anet killed it by making the Bladesworn elite no longer recharge Shouts. My proposed changes would hopefully make Heal Warrior viable again.

Mending Might

Make it so applying might to an ally heals them as well.

Vigorous Shouts

Phalanx Strength

Swap one of these into Tier 2 so that they can be used at the same time. This combined with the Mending Might change would allow Warriors to have decent sustained healing while being able to save Shouts for when a burst of healing is needed.

River's Flow

Chang this to apply to outgoing healing.

Lush Forest

Remove or reduce the internal cooldown.

These changes would allow Warrior's might generation to double as a pseudo-regen, which when combined with the actual Regen from Banner of Defense would compensate from Warrior's inability to provide Protection.

Do the other Warrior mains here agree with these changes? What else would you guys like changed?

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For Berserker you don't want to inflate Bloody Roar anymore. You do want to give half the bonus when not in berserk mode though. To bring it to par with Spellbreaker Fatal Frenzy should also grant 300 precision and Blood Reaction should be changed to grant 7.5% critical damage, doubled if in Berserk Mode.

For Tactics you honestly just need to merg PS with MM and make is so you heal allies you grant might to. Soldier's Comfort would have to have it's CD removed, granted a tiered effect like other burst skills, with low base healing but great scaling to force people to stat for it. Another great change to create a useful heal warrior would be to change Restorative Stregnth to cast Lesser FGJ, which is the PvE version of FGJ, in all game modes.

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I think a cooldown reduction (say 4-6s) on Soldier's Comfort would be better balanced than Mending Might providing healing to other players. The reason is Soldier's Comfort is a trait choice.

Decapitate not doing massive damage to other targets other than the main target is fine in PVE if the damage is slightly improved. If you mean in WVW/PVP it presents a large dilemma for Arenanet in that the balance needs to be completely reevaluated.

Wild Blow does hard CC which is probably the reason for the lower damage.

Head Butt should get self-stun removed.

I'd be cautious about changing Fatal Frenzy / Bloody Roar.

As far as heal bladesworn memes, I think the best option is for Immortal Dragon to apply prot in PVE to others along with part of the heal.

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