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Updated Bash The Dragon lyrics

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At some point in the last few years, Anet snuck a new verse into Bash The Dragon, but didn't update the Soundcloud/YouTube/etc. versions. Nor are the lyrics on the wiki current. The only place you can hear it is in the Great Lodge in Hoelbrak when they sing it every so often, though it seems to alternate between the official version which does have the new verse, and the community sing-along version which doesn't.

I thought I'd transcribe it and update it myself, but there's half a freaking line that's unintelligible and is putting a speed bump in my plans. The new verse goes thusly:

We wake from every nightmare and adapt to what we've learned
It won't be long until our place in legend has been earned
The creature grows in power but [?????????????]
But when they ask who'll join the charge on this we all agree

Anyone with a sharp ear who'd care to listen next time you're in Hoelbrak and might be able to parse it ─ or better yet, if we could get a dev to weigh in officially ─ I'd surely appreciate it. I'd be even happier if they'd update the Soundcloud, but I'll take what I can get.

Edit: I recorded it to listen back to it, threw it up on YouTube if you wanna listen without having to wait around in the Great Lodge.

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