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WvW Roamer Wishlist/Feedback


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  • Apply HGH CD reductions to
    • Elixir S
    • Healing Mist (Elixir Gun tool bel)
  • Apply Gadgeteer CD reductions to
    • Rocket boot inter-charge
    • Personal Battering Ram
    • Slick Shoes
  • Apply Power Wrench CD reductions to
    • Prybar
    • Gear Shield and Magnet are optional (but would be realllllyyy nice!!)


Some things that probably won't make it into the balance patch but would be nice:

  • Increase Static Shock range and cast time (AED tool belt)
  • Let flamethrower #2 be launched in any direction (I swear you used to be able to launch it behind you)
  • Flamethrower damage buffs (condition preferably but something please!)
  • Buff Detection Pulse to give some boons/apply conditions or something
  • Give turrets the Druid spirits treatment
  • Make flame turret tool belt like Rifle #5 but burning. Bonus points if it is also an evade
  • Give additional effects to Elixir R (pulsing barrier and resistance would be nice!)
  • Prybar target cap raised to 3-5


On the whole, I expect little changes to engineer roaming.

  • I'll die a little more because of the Elixir S CD nerf (or I have to swap to Elixir U or something) and scrapper super speed nerf, but it might be compensated by the Elixir H CD reduction on non-alchemy builds.
  • The unblockable elixir tosses are nice, but it should have been added when Toss Elixir R was changed.


Oh, and I guess glass rifle Mechanist got slightly nerfed by the Mechanical Genius change but if it didn't one shot, it won't matter much anyway 😛

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2 minutes ago, SleepyBat.9034 said:

WAIT THEY LEFT THAT OUT!? Ok, that one doesn't fly with me, I need that for my build. It's the only stunbreak on a kit.

According to the Twitch VOD, it's included. I just added it just in case they forget 😛

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3 hours ago, Dawdler.8521 said:

Literally everyone: We want core buffed!

Anet: We've removed all the core CD reduction traits so that all elite specs can use any core skill with low CDs without having to use all 3 traitlines for it. 

Purity of purpose never fail to disappoint.


To be fair removing core CD reduction trait isnt necessarily bad. But they focused on something that isnt even in a bad state. There are skills that are just completely underwhelming or straight up garbage (hello elixir that restore all your endurance, hello slick shoes that only apply once) they could have changed or better yet, completely rework turret and turret related traits.

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