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Rate the 2 beta weeks [Poll]


Rate the 2 betaweeks [Poll]  

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  1. 1. Did you enjoy beta?

    • Beta was amazing and looking forward to the release
    • It was slight improvement from normal WvW
    • Don't really think it was better or worse
    • It wasn't great. Missed old system.
    • Betaweeks were absolutely terrible for me

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  • Poll closed on 07/24/2023 at 04:55 PM

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For us Beta was amazing, as we organized a Beta guild with multiple other guilds and had a lot of fun. Lot of coms, Lot of Fights, Not much PPT, perfect 🙂 Ppl on wrong servers opened a ticket on anet and got announced to us after some hours/a day. We waited 5+ years for alliances and hope it will be implemented asap 

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What was different this beta?

All I noticed was the bug that my squad members didn't show as blue dots. (Some occasionally did but that was rare)
That was quite annoying.

Other than that I didn't notice what was changed this beta. (Except the stuff thats always different)

I defended less, but that's beta typically for me too. I have not much motivation to defend some random map name with random people when there are better things to do like the weekly, daily, new infusion etc

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as usual I address the guys from anet, who put their hard work into this project. dear guys, i played the 2 weeks of beta, i selected a big community guild to still feel at ''my home'' but it didn't work very well. and the feeling of coming back to your server on friday night, feeling you among your own people is something i can't describe well.

you guys must try to understand the added value of the server. the different factions. players who identify themselves to their server. hence the reason, being transported and stimulated to put your own time and content.

Of course, your community of players has explicitly asked you for more balance between all servers. a good portion of us didn't intend to wipe servers to achieve this. many of us thought you would fix it in eu , where 3 servers get different treatment. rather than a new and targeted transfer control, etc etc.

I believe alliances is a new and useful tool in the mode. and i also think wr is something that can work. it periodically gives you the option to reset wvw and start all over again.

Now, how these new wvw tools are to be utilized I feel is an open discussion between you in development and your gaming community. or we really risk leaving many players behind.

sincere and transparent as always, I trust in your feedback.✌️

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I found the beta less than enjoyable. It basically made me relive everything I “fled” my previous server for:

  • Commanders that are tryhards who just blamed their lack of leadership on the squad
  • Commanders that are just going around killing roamers
  • Nobody knew the other
  • Misassigned guild mates (who definitely clicked the correct box)
  • An absolutely unusable teamchat where actually important messages were drowned in a sea of guild ads and regular conversations in any language but the shared english
  • The mentioned language barrier of French only speaking french, Germans only speaking german, and everyone else being pretty much screwed

Ultimately, what I see this change doing is destroying WvW as it is and turning it into a Guild vs. Guild. I hope that doesn't come to fruition because I finally found a guild I am happy with, but it wouldn't be the first time someone at ANet has decided to pull the lever even if it doesn't make the slightest bit of sense. The consensus in our guild was: “Oh kitten, it's finally over. Let's hope this doesn't come any time soon.”

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