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Concern over Rune Update and Introduction to Relics

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My main concern is that there won't be a legendary relic to craft.

This is also devaluing Legendary Runes by removing the 6th bonus, and now it's being put on to Relics, but I already had Legendary runes unlocked.  I better not have to pay for a function I already had.  Players with Legendary Runes unlocked should be awarded with a Legendary Relic.  Also how is this going to affect underwater combat too?  People with 7 Runes always slotted it into the Aquabreather to keep the 6th bonus.  Are we getting a relic slot for both on land and underwater?

This feels like the work I put in to craft Legendary Runes is just wasted, because if I have to put out more gold and time to make Legendary Relic(s).  A function with the Rune's 6th bonus I already had unlocked.. I am not going to be happy.

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They probably just realized people were going to complain about it, they have no vision, maybe it would help if devs actually played the game more than 3 times a year during some live streams.
Rubi said they're going to think about a way to compensate for it. "they're going" lol.
Imagine announcing an expansion that will be released in two month and be that unprepared, that's so sad.

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