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Daybreak - Domain of Istan

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Which events? Istan used to be very popular because events are very rewarding (even after the nerfs). Haven't been in a map in some time but I imagine people still run the big events. If you mean Palawadan (Archeon) and Great Hall (Amala) you should join the squad before Palawadan starts and 20 mins after the end Great Hall will trigger unless it was done just before Palawadan and in that case you will need to fill the event bar (kill awakened) before it starts again. And in those 20 mins in between check for some other events you might need and ask players to help.

Otherwise just form LFG before start of Palawadan, Im sure people will join. I think many (including me) enjoy those events.

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2 hours ago, Sparetent.9756 said:

Can't complete these achi's because nobody on the map participating in the events. 😞


So sad that these events don't scale DOWN when there is only 1 or 2 players attempting them.

Would really help us to help you if you told us what region and/or time zone you're in.

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