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Since some people do not like watching ranger doing ranger stuff, I made a kitten spec video, for the others I posted an untamed 1v3 1v2 compilation video ^^


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The contrast between Revenant other classes and Ranger is really something right now.
RIP Power Herald, it would actually be nice if it was used as a benchmark to balance the risk/reward for everything else. Because that is one of the main problems with the balance here.

Fantastic gameplay as usual by the way, especially the Herald one.

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3 hours ago, doozer.7063 said:

No thief, no mesmer 😭

The waiting continues... Thumb up to speed up the process 😁

Im so sry T^T its not that I forgot your request, after you asked I tried but back then I was on eu and my ping was terrible and mes/thief are the worst class to play with high ping. Ill try to make it happen promise.

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On 9/6/2023 at 2:40 PM, Burnfall.9573 said:

I asked the same question too. What make them so "Special" than the rest of us...

the only kind of "special" thief and mes are right now short bus special, because it takes 10X the effort that lets say playing necro or guard to excel. some players never learn or improve despite the continual nerfs to their enemies. the often suffer from dunning-Krueger syndrome, believing they are better than they are when the evidence is clear, that without the free rating at seasons start, the fall below the bottom threshold of bronze. imagine complaining about the players that "WASTED" x years of their life to be better at something than you. for the sake of learning something, translate that to real life. stand and go karen mode on a plumber fixing your water heater, which you have jack-all knowledge about, and give the advice, that you are better. 

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24 minutes ago, Myror.7521 said:

you guys just tried GS Sword Sword Herald yet? xd


It lacks sustain/cleanse though, you can either go staff/gs or gs sword/shield with shield cleanse trait. but s/s gs is too paper to be any good vs real specs :( 

On vindi it was fine because we have other sources of cleanse.

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