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  1. They fight Naru or other similar players on vindi, get 100-0 farmed and traumatized all game by the orange circles and think it's just the class and not a skill gap problem since the spvp player pool consists of the same 23 players for most of the day. Selective memory. Never a mention of how the average player folds after spamming two dodges with Vindicator and getting CCed / exploded in the next 2 seconds. Anyway Just get rid of Death Drop already. Before they kitten up the spec around it again.
  2. Rev's hammer is still quite overloaded, so before people start complaining about Power Herald too (since it's already running it, it's just too good as a weapon), I'd actually voice my complaints as well about hammer; it didn't need: Faster auto attack, #4 becoming instant + aegis and dealing damage, #5 refreshing #2. All at the same time. It simply needed a non kitten #2, like it was years ago before they removed the damage drop-off from it. Right now theres no real reason to pick shortbow over hammer; more range, more damage, #2 not being a projectile and two defensives on top. Hopeless balance because they keep throwing kitten at the wall.
  3. Not really disagreeing tbh, as I've said before, since I've ben advocating for a Death Drop nerf for a long time now. And they keep nerfing everything around it, it has yet to receive a single nerf. So as long as people are properly informed about what's actually going on, I'm fine. Cut the damage by 50% if you want, or simply remove it from Death Drop. The 10s damage buff is already good enough. (Actual good game dev stuff would be reworking it to a mark target system that would synergize with Archemorus for bonus setup damage with Spear and such) Fair critique. In fact, I'd actually first try to reduce its radius drastically, even to something as small as 60 units (it is 180 atm). That would require a lot more commitment to properly place dodges. But they never do mechanical splits and PvE players would hate that. Just be careful when going to the wiki, its damage coefficient is not the same as every other skill. Otherwise it would actually be hitting for over 9ks. Anyway: I'm not really looking forward for the mess they have been brewing. Instead of fixing their kitten balance philosophies they keep homogenizing things; such as giving Herald condi cleanse. What's next? If it's still not working you are going to give it stability as well? By they way, remove Resistance from Devastation already. That kitten is going to keep carrying bad plays everything. On top of hammer being overloaded and being good at everything and at every range. No downsides. What if instead they fixed the constant barrage of condis (soft cc) and boons all over the place? Edit: FWIW, Herald was all I played for years. But these buffs are so braindead.
  4. Alright. Still better than Renegade, especially Kalla. Why do you think it only lasted about a year? And Kalla even less. There's no way anyone actually wants that aoe vomit spam to be S or even A tier, same for Condi Herald. Low Floor, High Ceiling. The easiest time Revenant has ever been (Renegade and Condi Herald). And same with other specs such as Scourge. Also, stop mixing up the game getting "easier" after mastering something with a High Floor and Ceiling. I mean, yeah? it is much easier to go to war with a sword or a bow, and to learn them, than with a stick or a rock. With that mentality nothing should be better than core, actually, nothing should be better than a core warrior. If anything, that kind of kitten has an awfully low amount of skills for an MMO. This is neither a moba nor a fighting game. Anyway, Vindicator could definitely be better designed, the focus should be more on switching between Alliance stances rather than camping/saving them for the right moment. I really think that the initial design was a lot better with the flips, unfortunately that was too difficult for most players, especially PvE ones. And it has been already said multiple times, nerf Death Drop already. The other two dodges in contrast are garbage but they might actually be ok if Death Drop wasnt doing constant 3k's (OP cant do math). And it's for sure at least half the damage power budget of Vindicator. Save the big damage role for Power Herald. Rework the dodges to be full utility, make Death Drop mark your target for bonus damage on Spear use, Imperial Impact to replenish 1 energy for every target hit, etc, whatever.
  5. @Yasai.3549 Yeah, I agree with that, I think my English is a bit broken there, it's not my first language. I did try to say that they are "aware" of how suicidal it is to play full melee anything. So instead of fixing their core game they keep patching things up. It's the reason why they gave Resistance for every movement skill with Devastation. (Unless I misunderstood that first sentence too 💯) Conditions are simply broken in this game. Being an alternative main source of death was not their original intention. And you can even tell by just the name, they were designed to be an extra for some hybrid "power" builds. (Power just means normal damage in any other game 💀) That is why they initially only needed (and still only need) a single stat. That is why toughness doesn't work with it. But then some genius with apparently no experience changes everything for the worse. And again, it wouldn't be as awful if most condi builds didn't have so much kittening access to aoe's and pulsing fields + range. The most comical thing is that they tried to make Resolution the equivalent of Protection. A couple of seconds of Protection can help you tank several attacks in that time. 2-4 attacks, etc. But the same amount for Resolution is a joke, completely kittening useless, at that point you should take a completly different trait or relic. Another reason why Retribution is bad. Its Resolution should be way longer for it to be any good. "Tank" traitline btw. Last Retribution update: "Oh yeah, the tank traitline needs more damage."
  6. And hammer is premium garbage in WvW. 0.91 coefficient on Coalescence. You can try it, it's about 3.5k? with Power Vindicator. Phase Smash is also drastically weaker. Otherwise Id be playing WvW a lot more. (And sPvP is awful, simply because I find Conquest flawed for this game, so never going back. But maybe for a short time when their new game mode releases.) Anyway, as I said in another post. Hammer is going to carry this class by a lot when playing Power. Kinda awful. Players are going to keep complaining about Vindicator and its orange circles until it is completly gone, no in between, because people work in extremes only, especially resentful ones. And once Power Herald is actually competitive, get ready for the complaints. And similar to Vindicator ones: "Man wtf, revs are just spamming teleports through walls while instantly doing 15k combos, somehow casting it all at the same time as Phase Traversal's cast animation and then using Riposting Shadows right after that, then legend swapping and spamming their 4 utilities in a row, then legend swapping again in 3 seconds and using Riposting followed by Phase Traversal and then doing a Jade Winds right at the end. Oh yeah, all that also while spamming all their weapon skills on cd. And they also have TWO HEALS!" And after they nerf Herald again too, then they might actually nerf Hammer at the very end. And that's just history. Over 10 years of history. ANET, or at least some of the developers, are ridiculously proud, they would rather reinvent the wheel and circle around kitten than ever tackle things head on. Same reason they never revert changes from years ago. Maybe some of them also think that they can perpetually "balance" skills. So they rather mess with everything around it. As if you could achieve such scenario where everything is "balanced", even if just fairly balanced. Power is relative, things can't stay the same forever, even if they felt right in the past. Edit: Nah I dislike this approach very much. With hammer allowing Power Herald being good again it just means that anything full melee is unplayable. Thanks to the AOE vomit all over the floor. kittening awful designs all over the game. No wonder why Warrior usually struggles; unless they get to be immortal they just can't play the kittening game because of their lack of ranged pressure.
  7. Yeah, like... bruh. 💀 And most of the endurance replenishment comes from energy sigils. Btw, Power Herald didn't use to be so one dimensional either. It only became a ganking bot after being stripped of its agency over time. I miss it too, but I don't see how it can ever be good and have very active and rewarding gameplay again. I mean, I know how, but that would require a rebalance of risk and reward across all classes and specs, which they won't do. Or sure, just mindlessly buff it to the current powercreep level of the other classes.
  8. How does "removing" dodges do anything about Vindicator doing the same thing Power Herald used to do. Which is to jump on people all day with PT and DPS. All that "gameplay" lasts around 4 seconds. It was only until they overbuffed hammer that this new freecast era happened, I wonder why. ◻️ Like, the 3 endurance you might get after cleansing 3 conditions from yourself with Tree Song is a non factor. No one takes Energy Meld because of the 15 endurance every 30 seconds. It's by far the best choice because it doesn't cost energy and gives 25 energy back. The bottom trait gives 15+10 endurance and 6 seconds of vigor. Which would be way better for extra endurance per min than anything else, as vigor has been removed from this spec elsewhere. I don't know how many of you know this, but each dodge is worth 50 endurance. You gain 5 per second. And did you know that with the previous iteration of Angsiyan's Trust, every Legend and Alliance Tactics swap replenished 10 endurance? So at least 30 endurance every 30 seconds. Yeah, the endurance regen used to be way higher before they reworked Energy Meld. But at that time the most Vindicator had was shortbow, and still, no team was winning MATs with one not as many around because other specs were even stronger at anything. Full melee vindicator/revenant anything is a very different experience. 🔹 1. Hammer did not need that many buffs and reworks at the same time: Faster autoattacks, Aegis + damage + instant projectile hate from #4, Hammer #5 refreshing #2. They only needed to revert whatever kitten they did with Coalescence of Ruin (#2) years ago, not only was it way more reliable and faster. It also allowed plenty of counter-play because it only did good damage at max range, if misused at close range it did about half damage. Right now every vindi ports in and spams 2 from melee range, etc. Hammer used to be a lot better designed, it's like there's no good dev left there. (And you can tell by how awful PvE is as well) (This game in general is gross with risk/reward. Nothing with high range and easy access to AOEs should do as much damage as single target + melee range skills) 2. Literally removing half of the Alliance's skills and coefficients would still do nothing to stop Vindicators jumping from 1200 range and killing unsuspecting people in the first 3 seconds of the fight. And it's getting there anyway, because that's what they've been balancing the spec towards: -Nerfed Urn, which addressed absolutely nothing about most complaints. -Before that, they nerfed Imperial Impact twice. First by removing the chill over a year ago. Then by removing the boon extension. (Yeah, it's one of the other 2 dodges) -Nerfed Salvation also a while ago when vindicator was starting to have a similar role to the usual warrior ones. And then you wonder why every power revenant spec keeps building for full damage, yes, so that it can kill people as quickly as possible and avoid as much player interaction as possible. It is the only play style allowed for power with this class (Vindicator was finally going to make use of Retribution? Nah kitten the players. Nerf every trait with synergy). And the fact that scars are omega garbage, not taking Swift Termination is being a troll. -Also nerfed several GS and Archemorus skills, so better take Death Drop at all times, otherwise your damage will drop hard. Meanwhile Death Drop is still untouched. 🔻 Even when it only had one dodge and every skill was about twice as powerful, some players were still only panicking about the 🟠 orange circles. - Hammer completly erased one of the main weaknesses Revenant always had, lack of range. And speaking of being bad at game design: they just gave Herald a big condi cleanse. Another of Revenant's signature weaknesses is also mostly gone. The same goes for giving Resistance to Devastation on every movement skill. 💀 Instead of simply reverting the 3s->2s Infuse Light Nerf from 3 years ago or simply reverting staff nerfs. By the way, any Rev build that can afford not using staff is going to perform a lot better. That kitten is awful and outdated. Many of you are going to start complaining hard once Power Herald starts being good again. Especially if it starts using hammer as well if they don't do something about it. (And deleting Vindicator won't magically make Herald good again, but maybe deleting most of the other specs at the same time would.) 🔨 And once again, every future power variant is going to have to be balanced around hammer being that good at every range. These developers, and some of you as well, for some reason want to keep the whole spec balanced around 3k-4k Death Drops and its 10 second +15% damage buff. What a kittening waste of a spec. Even Trevor got it right. Just kitten off with Death Drop. 🔸 And I could keep going because this has a lot to do with game design, player options/incentives, etc. But what a kittening waste of time, they are not going to read any of this and none of you probably care, it's only about resentment.
  9. @Malus.2184 Good posts, thank you for sharing your thought process. People keep wanting to believe that: More playtime hours equals somehow being better at game design. Comedy. More hours of anything means nothing when most of the time it just means getting used to doing the same things over and over again, after getting comfortable doing and thinking in a certain way only. Listening to Teapot daydream about their perfect GW2 plans and/or their dream MMO game is certainly... something. I really like their enthusiasm, but they are not suitable for game development at this point in time. And hiring ex-pvp/wvw players to do balance and skill design was also certainly something else.
  10. That's always about skill floors in most games. It is obvious. Relevant to 99% of the players who just want to play for fun. The game getting "easier" after mastering something with a high ceiling is a quite different thing.
  11. Pretty decent observations tbh. Much better than the average post here: "kitten this spec spamming and doing everything at once. I don't know what exactly to point out, so just nerf everything." However, you could have "won" more supporters by being a little more critical of Rangers, at least a spec.
  12. If Power Herald is no longer forced to take trash staff, since it folds within the first 5 seconds of a fight without it, then yes, things will be much better. Because then you can finally take two non-useless offensive weapons.
  13. Now that's progress. Instead of rambling things like: "MAnnnn but the 3 heals (that heal for around 3.0k in average and Shiro needs you to land the daggers) and the permanent vigor/endurance gains!! Spamming all their 40 skills on cd." I've also written several essays on what they should do with Vindicator. But ANET obviously doesn't give a kitten. Because I actually hate that the whole spec is being balanced around Death Drop. kitten off with that trait. But then they still recently nerfed hammer and nerfed Urn hard. So now more than ever the only playstyle allowed for Revenant is the same decade old "role" of always, going full glass and trying to kill people within the first 3 seconds before they can retaliate, as the re-sustain of the class is mediocre. And as usual, I avoid complaining about other classes. I only occasionally comment on the only other classes I used to play, Warrior and Guardian, and very little on Ranger. Good analysis, imo @Myror.7521. Anyway, this game mode is a mess because they are still trying to balance around 5 imaginary roles that are very different to how GW2 was designed. While at the same time they want to make everything as equally represented, playstyle wise. Meaning that they don't give a kitten about Risk and Reward. They want "skillful" gameplay while also only sometimes adhering to a philosophy of Rock/Paper/Scissors. "Umm this is a duelist, it's balanced around not dying and killing people on node! Rotate!" What a circus. Conquest as the only game mode was a tragic decision.
  14. For once I agree with you. @Trevor Boyer.6524 I still consider Celestial stats bad game design, since it has 74% (vs 3 stats) to 59% (vs 4 stats) more stats than any other option. Still, I find most people not very threatening in their perpetual DPS mobile bunkers. It's just annoying. But I agree with most of your points, even the comparison between sPvP and WvW in terms of balance. The "balance" there is trash. Rigid build variety with dull gameplay. Who ever thought it would be a good idea to remove gear customisation in an MMORPG? When that's about half the fun for many players of the genre. And all that for what? To achieve an imaginary world esports in which everything is "balanced and equally represented". kittening impossible, especially since they are balancing around 5? imaginary roles. That esports garbage ruined sPvP. Good posts.
  15. That was awful. Scepter moment. >Condi >Awful range >Short dash >Slow as kitten Ok.
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