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Map Bonus Rewards

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Well, event participation is split between 3 tiers, indicated by the copper/silver/gold medals that come with the reward pop-up.

It's not easy to determine how much you have to do to get the gold participation reward, it largely depends on the event scaling at the time. 

In turn that will feed your map participation for the rewards displayed in the world map when you hover above the maps name. I can't give you specific numbers, so sorry if that's what you're asking.

When it comes to Meta maps (indicated by a participation bar on the bottom of the mini map, similar to WvW participation) you have a visual representation of your participation in the form of a percentage ranging from 0%-200%.

In that case there are prefixed personal rewards based on that, but since each map is different, they will have different rewards.

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11 hours ago, jhern.6097 said:

How much credit do I get for partial participation?

From the wiki article linked by Inculpatus, full participation (i.e gold reward) gives 100 points per event. Quite how much you have to do isn't published. It doesn't give the points for Bronze or Silver but its obviously less than 100.

A sensible guess at partial participaton would be somewhere around 30% for bronze and 60% for silver, making 30 points and 60 points respectively. Map bonus rewards are given out every 200 points up to 8000 and then the hidden track resets and the rewards start from the beginning again.

It's fairly obvious that tagging an event doing the minimum required and then rushing off to the next event on a mount isn't the most efficient way to get the rewards, since two full participations will award 200 points and one reward, whereas tagging and running will net you lower points and take longer to get the 200 threshold.

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