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Chaotic Persistence: This trait is unchanged


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No, I don't think it's an oversight in the notes.  They write -

"In this update, we're trying out a new process for the skills and balance update notes. Instead of combining new notes and preview notes into one continuous block and highlighting changes to the preview notes, we'll be separating the new changes into their own section. These new notes will be considered the most up-to-date version of the release notes, so if a change to a skill or trait exists in both sections, the new change will take precedent.

In some cases, the new note may say, "This skill is unchanged" to communicate that a proposed change from the preview was removed from the final update. Our goal with the new process is to make clearer what has changed between the balance preview and the final release while also streamlining the transition from balance previews to final release notes."

This item is one that exists in both sections, ("New changes" and "Preview") so the "New changes" result of "This trait is unchanged" takes precedence.

I can see what they're trying to do (i.e. transparency), but I can also imagine some finding it a less clear format.

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On 1/30/2024 at 11:41 AM, Mell.4873 said:

All I can say is, Thank you.

I didn't fancy changing all my gear and builds if this was left in.

Ditto, did not want to shift 100 points from a full condi duration build that breaks 3k condi without a relic. I was prepared to consider the 15% relic, but hate the way it feels with so many other procs already (fury & regen for expertise) would much rather have the relic slot be versatile & open to different uses per mode. 

This allowed at least some level of creativity to still exist. Greatly appreciate them doing something sensible for once. Not everyone is into the strikes/raids/stacking meta styles & its been exhausting counteracting. 

Was nice to not be nerfed again. 

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2 hours ago, Levetty.1279 said:

Nobody uses Chaos Virtuoso, you are obsessed.

I do, even in Raid/Strikes. 

Par it with Inspiration and you have a really good DPS/Healer akin to Vindicator. 

The drop in total DPS is roughly 5-10k but you gain access to Feedback resurrection, group Aegis and group Stability. It a good backup for new/stuggling groups or certain fights.

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3 hours ago, Levetty.1279 said:

Nobody uses Chaos Virtuoso, you are obsessed.

Chaos virtuoso is a build that is still played by less experienced players because it is lower intensity than duelist.

And yes, i am 100% sure it wasn't nerfed because of that.

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