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Dimensional Aperture a good improvement


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It's actually also one of my suggestions after the beta. Having it interacting in any way with downed/defeated players can boost its playability in combat immensely rather than just being a transportation gimmick outside of combat. 

You can even make it where shooting it at downed players instantly revives them since heal Mesmers lack their own counterpart of this ability (no, Illusion of Life doesn't count until the revive condition changes lol).

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6 hours ago, Mell.4873 said:

Let downed players interact with it. It would require a bit of skill on the Mesmer's part but would be a great addition.

This has been suggested by literally everyone. Except me. I didn't suggest it. But that's just because everyone else did.

5 hours ago, ZephidelGRS.9520 said:

(no, Illusion of Life doesn't count until the revive condition changes lol).

Illusion of LIfe is exactly where it needs to be. It is the ILLUSION of life. Just because it doesn't go as far as you want doesn't mean it's broken. Illusion of Life is completely in line with Vengeance with the difference being Warriors can get themselves up, and we can get others up. But we are Illusionists. If you want to be super technical, it shouldn't even allow you to stay up after you kill a foe because illusions aren't real. But you can. If we changed it to remove the condition it wouldn't be Illusion of LIfe anymore, it would just be LIFE.

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