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Snap Pull (Staff 4) not working on slightest upwards/downwards terrain


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2 minutes ago, Firellis.7954 said:

just a reminder that most leap attacks also "miss" the same way. hammer f1 of warrior is my most recent reminder of this

By extension Staff 2 which works the same way will also whiff the same way on different elevation. Hilariously, when they showed off the beta changes on Stream, Roy tried to show off how it gains adrenaline when affecting an ally but it completely whiffs because of elevation. He's lucky cmc didn't pause for him and swiftly moved on to the next change.

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On 3/9/2024 at 4:23 AM, Ferus.3165 said:

guardian axe has the same issue and it never got fixed so i would not hold my breath

Yea I am not too hopeful. It is just so discouraging when you chase someone and the other players moves upwards on terrain and you are right behind him and the pull just doesnt hit 🥲

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