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Bonus WxP Week Next Week

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8 hours ago, Triptaminas.4789 said:

No please 😞 the skill lag will be agonising.

send them to pvp instead

Good or bad, spread the word for those server mates that might need a boost. Helping them helps you. Always good to have Battle Buddies! 

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9 hours ago, XenesisII.1540 said:

Huh first time noticing the events tab. Wish it was in game though, like wow does it.

Agree, and I am slow to double check it so it needs more promotion. But I appreciate it there and the in game notice that I think we will see next week. So the more we forum peeps can spread the notes, the more we have in the fight. lol, you can never have enough targets 😉 .

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9 hours ago, godofcows.2451 said:

Oh noes. More diamond kek legends. 

I do see newer players and it doesn't hurt to lend them a hand. Plus it encourages others to give it a try and we do keep some of those over time, so in my book another plus. Lastly its also a good time for Anet to collect data to better offset if numbers in WR without beta as with and if additional gain becoming a standard might not also help the game mode out. So if you have any newer guild mates pondering spending time in GW2 versus other activities, share the info. Good hunting!

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