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Why I haven't been playing.....


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So I preordered gw2 very early, played all the beta events loved every second. When the game launched I played like crazy for 2 months, quit for a year as there was no end game type grind yet for ascended and mats farming or a huge purpose of gold.

When I came back I was having a huge blast in dry top, when silverwastes came out it was incredible and still my favorite map. Made it through hot and pof pretty good while playing Eso.

I've mostly taken a pretty nice breaks between gw2 to play Eso more and more often. While playing Eso I really really missed the group content gw2 offers such as the meta events and world bosses. So I tried to swing in again several times over the month and I can't tolerate a single second in this game anymore. For one reason only. I'm blinded by this game!! When I play alone or with 1 or 2 others I'm fine. But doing events and bosses the flash coming out from so many people is just terrible. You can't see what your fighting, you can't see the animations or when to dodge, you can't see your own character, I'm not playing a video game at this point I'm watching a monitor trying to give me a seizure while I just hit 1 2 3 4 5 over and over while having little idea what's going on. Anet has truly failed with this aspect of the game. Many people have complained about this and I'm sure also left because of this.

Anet....forgot your next expansion and just fix this. It truly should be a higher priority over mount skins to try to get people back first!


In graphics settings set up options for these particle effects.Show own effects onlyShow own plus party onlyShow no particle effects

Or even the same as above but with a slider to reduce percentage shown. Please fix this already.

Tldr: the effects in combat in this game are over the top in group events and I can't see

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