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Need DPS and Mobility Based Heavy Armour Builds Advices


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I know question title is a bit weird but hear my story first.

I got 5/6 ascended heavy body armour, exotic greatsword, ascended accesories, ascended back pack, and amulet with berzerker's attributes (I was playing a guardian basicly.) I was a f2p player but now i got both expensions and want to do pve stuff.

So my question is, could you guys give an example build (and rate it like x/10 dps - y/10 sustain - z/10 mobility - t/10 utility ) for world completion, fractals and raids that is fast and solo capable (for stories and world compl. ) which i can use my items ( except weapons, i will get the ascended weapons as i select the final build ) . Between warrior, guardian or revenant..

Also if stats are changeable on ascended items, i can consider changing berzerker stats to another (if build is what i desire )

Please help and send example build links.

Thanks a lot,

Cornelia D Campbell

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Here are some builds that might work for you:Power GS Dragonhunter GuardianPower GS Firebrand GuardianCondi Axe/Torch Firebrand GuardianPower GS Core WarriorPower GS Spellbreaker WarriorCondi Sw/Torch Berserker Warrior

I've run them all in the content you want to play in with good success. I'd suggest trying out the skills and how the different classes play and pick the one you like better based from that.

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With your current stats and armour, I would suggest playing Warrior GS/Sword/X. Whether you play Core, Berserker or Spellbreaker makes no difference.

Your Greatsword has skills 3 and 5, which is faster than normal running.Your Sword has skill 2, which is a leap (which is faster than normal running).

By alternating between these two weapons out of combat, you'll be able to move much faster (weaponswapping out of combat has very little cooldown) - just remember to turn off autotarget to prevent running in the wrong direction! The Discipline Traitline will also allow you to move 25% faster while using a melee weapon with the trait "Warrior's Sprint".

If you use these three in conjunction, you should be able to keep pace with Thieves.

Greatsword is a good enough stand-alone weapon to be used alone in combat - especially if you take the Strength traitline.

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