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  1. You forgot the traditional gw1 game of Polymok. And Rock Paper Scissors.
  2. I think this is a case of each class having too many skills with flashy animations but zero impact, so animations have no meaning beyond red circle white circle green circle expanding circle.
  3. So, by 18th century, do we mean more clothes like what Lord Faren wore before HoT?
  4. It's a sad day when non derogatory names are censored because it might technically be against the rules (if you stretch one or two rules or make an exception because someone got offended based off of preconceived notions of sexual identity). I mean, making a unique name is hard enough as it is without some kitten making everything politically motivated xD
  5. Flying in WoW kinda works because the world is a giant flat(ish) map. In gw2, it's more like a series of layered boxes with waypoints everywhere, plus very few maps look good from all angles and free flight only exposes these flaws. I think both mounts compliment their respective games.
  6. Funnily enough, when I started making my Dreamer, I was the opposite. I just built one component at a time, without any idea that there would be a mystic clover grind or a 100g iceblock paywall. The hardest bit was when I was 300g away, where the urge to panic sell anything I got my hands on just got out of hand. If you make the legendary one component at a time (while being aware of other components so you don't stab yourself in the foot by selling ectoplasm or mystic coins), it seems much more manageable (until you're almost finished - then ALL HANDS ON DECK! xD)
  7. The only legendary I'm proud to own is the Dreamer, because I'm a degenerate and think it is easily the most creative and best designed weapon in gaming history. ... if you don't have that sort of passion, legendries are just a really REALLY expensive ascended weapon, particularly because weapons seldom fit two different roles in the same class and meta sigils are always BEST IN SLOT regardless of the situation, so statswapping doesn't really happen.
  8. Gw2 Pre-HoT was a game that was sold to us as a "play your own way", "no holy trinity" and "no gear treadmill". I have to admit, if I felt like playing my "caster class" staff mesmer, I would be awful unpopular in dungeons, fractals or squad content, at least compared to a cookie cutter Power Chrono or Condi Axe Mirage. But it's still technically an option, I guess.
  9. Kinda wish we got more Joko, tbh. BRAISE JOKO! I kinda agree about Aurine. Maybe bringing her back 2 minutes after she "died" (assuming you're playing episode 5-6 back to back) is a bit too soon.
  10. Honestly, if Visions of Steel is boring for you and the prologue was "good enough", I have to wonder what kind of metric, nostalgia or update you're comparing these to...
  11. I mean, the lws5 prologue and Visions of Steel was perfect. You have to give them credit for that, if nothing else. Drizzlewood would also be a personal favourite, but it's waaaaaaayyyyy too long from start to claw of jormag. In short, I don't think IBS was a total trainwreck, and honestly believe if it weren't for the expansion being prepared when it was, I believe IBS could have had a more satisfying ending.
  12. Anet hasn't released a bad expansion yet, imho, and living world was chugging along nicely until Icebrood saga. That said, Icebrood saga isn't really a fair representation of Anet's skill or talent, since it's pretty clear it was rushed out the door. Rather than focusing on whether or not the expansions will be good, since, y'know Anet have a track record for producing good expansions... we should focus on making sure Anet knows we don't want another icebrood saga: champions
  13. Unless you're a genius or supercomputer, I don't think gw2 combat numbers mean anything. The game feeds you raw numbers, yes, but it lacks a time component. There's a reason why players measure rotations in dps, rather than big numbers.
  14. Polymock was pretty fun, and we lack minigames that aren't some variation of combat or jumping puzzle. I definately think Polymock would have been a better 5 part update than IBS.
  15. I would love this update. So many skills are useless filler, and removing them or relegating them elsewhere (like the 6-0 keys) would make keybinding and combos easier. Being able to move utility skills to the 1-5 keys would be a bonus.
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