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  1. Player utility aside, making a character change their dominant hand is meaningful character customisation. I'll always support character customisation. xD
  2. Does the world ALWAYS have to be at risk? We've had an escalating plot since day 1, but the lws5 prologue gave me a taste of what gw2 could be if it spent time developing characters and just paused from all the doom and gloom. I hate marching to war to save a world of characters I don't know nor care about.
  3. Exalted Drinker. Looks like I have the name of a Norn. 😄
  4. I think the problem is that one player can provide max stats of whatever to a group. For example, a lot of builds can provide alacrity (Revenant) or quickness (Firebrand), so what happens when you get a class that can provide both at a 100% uptime (chronomancer). This is most egregious with might, where basically every class has the ability to hit the 25 might limit. There is no benefit to classes that generate their own might, or to stack classes that produce it, since one player is likely already broadcasting 25 might to the group. Plus, a group has limited health, and Anet is fo
  5. Honestly, the reason why I hate Breakbars (or the lack thereof) is because it removes any metric to affect the boss besides DPS and the ability to dodge floor telegraphed attacks that are likely covered by an aura of unicorn puke as bright as the sun. That being said, soft cc is kinda spammable, especially in a group of 10-50. I'm pretty sure perma blind application would be kinda OP.
  6. I consider myself a player who likes to help other players. Although a lot of the problems I solve probably could have been fixed by typing /wiki, I think that misses the more human element - things like rumors, theory crafting, preferences, experience, in-game assistance, etc. Honestly, I think it's a little cold when people respond to "how do I XXX" with "READ THE WIKI!" or "GO WATCH A GUIDE ON YOUTUBE", because sharing the MMO with a fresh player is probably one of the most fun aspects of the game IMO.
  7. Pretty sure it was a raids nerf, to stop ele's broken large hitbox dps. Thanks raiders.
  8. I, for one, relish the chance to kill humans in the mists. Stomping sunspears and frightened ascalonians brings back memories of simpler times. ... I swear Detha hates humans, given how they are usually the enemy.
  9. I only played a bit of virtuoso, but I'll try to share my unexperienced opinions. My main questions going into this was: A) Is there any build verity? In that regard, I think the elite spec is a complete flop - there was only one trait on each line that really made sense to take (222, "Mental Focus", "Phantasmal Blades", "Infinite Force"). The bottom traits seem to encourage a condi bleed focused build, while the top traits seem to focus on defense... but I think the traits are funneled too hard into one style of play rather than situational/conditional advantages.
  10. I mean, if Anet just hands out gear that can take on any stat, I imagine what remains of the gw2 economy would tank...
  11. If you want help making a lore friendly or themed name, plenty of people are willing to help with that. You'd really be surprised what names are still free. I just wish there was an easier way to check usernames avalability before I "create" the character.
  12. NGL, I'd love a legendary aquabreather. Aquabreathers are the bane of my existence in the krait fractal, where people often run the level 60 level up breather because who wants to pay for an ascended or exotic to be stronger in dead content?
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