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  1. I suppose a bow could make for an acceptable harp. But, then, what would a bard even do? It's not like the game lacks boonspam.
  2. Sorry, I misread the question. People seldom focus on the leveling experience in Gw2, because you won't keep your gear for very long. That's why it's hard to suggest leveling builds - because you're essentially just developing your full level 80 build with whatever gear the story gives you. The only advice I can give is to try to keep to power builds/weapons - condi is underwhelming before level 80, and condi weapons tend to have poor power scaling. Also, use tomes of mastery to level Revenant - the class feels awful before level 80. xD
  3. I find that when I do a mesmer portal run for dailies, or help people in general, I'm uncomfortable getting more than 50s-1g per tip. You sometimes see people tipping something like 2-5g, sometimes something ridiculous like 10g. Sometimes people tip nothing at all, which is ok too. I don't do it for the gold anyways. The best tip you can give is to stick around and help liven things up with a rousing conversation on the nature of broken spoons.
  4. I mean, Heal Quickbrand is very similar to a classic healer. Throw on some harriers gear, a mace/shield and staff and you're basically a heal mage. That being said, while it can perform solo, to maintain your sanity it's best to keep an alternate set of dps gear for solo adventurers.
  5. I can't speak for anyone else, but the Skyscale has been gamebreaking in all areas of open world, to the point where it's my default mount (only turning to skimmer for permanent evades/water and roller beetle for cross-map travel). Telling people who don't like the achievement to simply not do it is out of the question, since the skyscale is borderline necessary to remain competitive with other players, especially on vertical maps. Having your meta train leave you behind because you can't find a way over a wall and have to go the long way feels... awful, to say the least. TBH, I ki
  6. Monastery armor is outside the norm for this game - it looks like a medium set of armor without the tacky decorations that must take 2 hours to put on, and is available on all armor weights. Jade Tech and Antique armors are also outside of the norm, being somewhat functional armors that don't contain excessively bulky add ons. I'm somewhat okay with the haul of armors the expansion delivered with EoD - even if I'm not happy with the ancient armours.
  7. Former Runescape player here. I made the switch because I didn't enjoy the direction the game was headed (lv 85-95 gear treadmill, plus I got tired of playing a game where everyone is on autopilot while watching youtube).
  8. Unless you massively muck up your game (looking at you, Runescape), a classic mode is only going to attract a hardcore playerbase akin to what pre-searing ascalon is today. Is it worth the effort? Plus, you run into problems like "when was the golden era of nostalgia in this game" - which will probably be closer to 2015, since, if I remember correctly, it's when a lot of players signed up.
  9. The point is to make gathering easier for people who enjoy home instances and don't play firebrand (ie. have access to insta-cast source of quickness that won't disrupt the gathering animation).
  10. It's a tough sell for me. Who does this benefit? It's not like siege is expensive or cost prohibitive, so why would you bother mounting up when you could just throw three bundles at the wall and let the zerglings do the rest? Roamers still need to work in groups to fire the turtle, so they're also better off just building a cata/ram. Plus, what would happen to the turtles current run-to-reload ammo mechanic? Particuarly if it gets speed capped like the Warclaw. Add to that, Anet has historically never really been big on balance splits between game modes, even in areas where it makes sense.
  11. The problem becomes, how do turtle mounts become viable without making actual siege irelivant? Personally, I think it'd be neat if they could add a wvw mount that could act as mobile supply depots, or shuttles to get players safely to the zerg (think troop transports in fps games).
  12. Core staff ele is still useful in wvw. But from a roamer/duelists perspective, I can understand the annoyance. Maybe burn guard or some form of core warrior build might still be viable?
  13. Can't make a profit off of dead people in Evon's line of trade. I think people like him are the most reliable in a disaster, because every person saved is more profit in the post-rebuild efforts.
  14. I feel like Anet was trying to hint at this by putting a coin infront of the door. But knowing their track record with zoning, my first thought was touching the door would kick me out of the drone. 😕
  15. I remember starting the game in 2015 as a sword and board warrior. The experience made me almost quit the game, since I thought I was the reason my build sucked when in fact I should have played Warrior more like a viking or barbarian (Axes, maces and greatswords for the win). I then tried to play Mesmer as a magician (scepter/torch-staff, they both sucked) when I probably should have played it as a class with a cool laser sword. I think a new player's first impressions of a class will dictate their success and engagement with the game, since many weapon/utilty choices are not made
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