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Simple fix to one of the biggest issues with Scourge in PvP finder


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Limit each team to only have one of each class; simple as that.

Possibly the biggest issue with the Scourge is that whilst you can just about counterplay 1, 2 working together are essentially immortal and carry a ridiculous amount of area denial.Say you queue up for a random PvP game to get your Dailies done, and get Stronghold (yes, I know you can choose not to play it, but having an entire game mode locked down by one mechanic is just bad design); 2 Scourges can hold the Lord Room against 3-5 players. You simply cannot break them; you can't snipe them (if you are even a ranged class by the time the match starts), you cannot bomb them, you cannot separate them and you cannot avoid them within the room. The same holds true to a lesser extent in Conquest; 2 Scourges can hold anything against any number of players if they play well. And bear in mind that in 5v5, if 2 people are tying up your team, the other 3 of theirs' have free reign of the other objectives.

tl;dr 2 of any class in 5v5 can be annoying (especially Mesmers and Rangers imo), but 2 Scourges specifically breaks most if not all maps and modes, som just for simplicity and a hopefully quick and painless fix, just put 1 of each class per team.

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Preventing two of the same profession may be a tad too much, since elite specializations change a profession a lot.But preventing two of the same elite specialization it's another thing. That would be more reasonable to avoid too much stacking and spamming of the same things over and over.

The problem is that locking professions also increases queue times because you can no longer put two of the same profession in the same team, if there's a lot of a profession they end up having to wait a lot.

No matter how well you try to balance things there will always be some build that is a bit more gimmicky and gives better results with less effort, and those builds attract more players expecting easier wins. Better balance eases the problem, but the problem will never go away.So the only real solution I can see to that is letting people queue with multiple characters, so if there's too many characters like their first pick, they can still play with other professions without having to wait ages in queue, or getting tired and having to try every profession one by one until one gets them decent queue times.
For example, something like a change in the system to allow players to queue with several builds or characters of different professions, that they set beforehand in something like a template system that you can open in the PvP panel and talking with an NPC.
That way, if there's too many players with a build similar to yours or the same elite specialization, your second pick with a build different enough or a different elite specialization is used, then the third, fourth, and so on. And you get 4 things with this:

  • Way less builds or specializations stacking in matches.
  • Much shorter queue times.
  • People being more likely to play with more than one profession and know them, which in turn gives us:
    • Better proof and development of skill since players would likely play more different professions and their rating would depend on being better at more professions.
    • Less false cheating reports and more accurate ones since more people would know what different professions can and cannot do.
    • Better gameplay experience in general as people would know better how to help teammates and countering enemies of more professions.
  • And being able to queue for ranked while doing anything else you want with any character you want, since your matchmaking would be based on a list, not on what character you are currently using.
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