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About the new chairs achievment


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It would be nice to have more clues of where the chair is, because when I read "Arcane Council Seat" I directly think about arcane council level at rata Sum but none of the chairs can be used... It's like legion WarThrone with black citadel... I have also noticed a ton of chairs are missing or surely not programmed: Asuran Hammock at South Mount Maelstrom Asuran Camp, Chairs in Charr Taverns: Three Legions court for example; and places which should have chairs and don't have one: Asuran Bar, deeper level of Rata Sum. Most of them seem to be located in Home instances, that's sad. I travel Through the grove to find any type of chair but only found one, flower shaped.

I love this achievement, and it's a step toward more immersion which is great, but as anything, can be improved.And btw, chairs aren't specific to guild hall, you can find lot of sittable chairs around tyria, just seek for them!

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There are a LOT of chairs in this game. It's going to take them time to go through and rework them, zone by zone, to be sit-able.

Just look at how many chairs are mentioned in the patch notes for what is, essentially, the six core cities. Each one needed to be told where it was, what kind of seat it was, and what direction it was supposed to be facing. Maybe more. And that's after they found them, there's chairs everywhere.

Even if they have a program to go through and tell them where chair models have been used (so they don't have to search the whole zone themselves), that still leaves them having to look at it and make sure it's one that should be marked as usable for sitting. (Some chairs are pushed in, or upside down on a table, or have something on them.) Then, if it's good, the data has to be copied over and added. Even in a large cluster like the dining areas in Hoelbrak, I'd guess it takes at least a minute per chair.

They may very well decide that most zones are not worth the effort, or only specific areas outside of the main cities. Ebbonhawke would be a good place, as would the hunting lodge in Queensdale, but it's going to take time. Other than fixing the last ones needed for the collection, I wouldn't expect to see this expanded any more until the next major patch.

It might be worth it to make a new thread requesting specific areas for the chair treatment, though. Some player feedback to focus the effort where it will do the most good may make both sides happier.

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